Bitcoin Breaks $10,000 (Again), what's next?

in bitcoin •  10 months ago

Bitcoin has broken through $10,000 after it's rough January/February bear market. Will it go on another elevator ride back up to $20,000 like last time, or is this time a bit different? Let's talk about what the Bitcoin move means going forward.

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The 10k level will be a huge psychological level for the foreseeable future: it's a big round number and just about every investor/trader is looking at the price-action around that level.

If we manage to float over $10k over the next 24-48h, 10k will be perceived as support!


Yes agreed! I think a lot of money has been parked at the sidelines waiting to see if this is just another bulltrap, hopefully we will start to see volumes picking up.

Then the media will jump on it, and it’s December all over again.

BRAVE and BAT!!!!!!!!

You got this up quick!


cheers to that! i like that it's up almost as as on youtube!!!!


I was recording the video as it hit $10k haha, then I clicked re-record. Gotta be timely in crypto!


thats what she said?

How far BTC retrace down to by this weekend, if goes down more?

$11k is next!

At the end of 2018 it reaches to 25000$

way to go ! Like John mcafee says ... Bitcoin will be 1 million by 2020 !
and this i guess it will touch 35000$ for sure

A couple YouTube’s ago you talked a fair bit about hardware wallets and writing down the recovery phrase. But what if human error enters and the phrase is copied incorrectly? I have just bootstrapped a Raspberry Pi-based solution for this - would you be interested in taking a look?

The way I see it is fundamentally, mosty positive actions have occurrd since the hype of last year; more adoption and innovation have created increasing interest in the technology and the assets. Partially offset by FUD from regulation in certain countries which is not all negative. The fact that transaction fees are already down without major exchanges and wallets not yet implementing SegWit is good because it would foreshadow a much better pipeline when momentum builds again. So why not buy here if the market was willing to buy up to $20k?

I dont know how, but i have not been worried during this "correction" at all. I purchased btc at 14k 12k 9k and then most of it at 7k. Didnt get the perfect bottom of the dip but i am not complaining. My small portfolio feels well balanced with a 10 very strong projects i believe in, probably why i never got nervous.
Cant give you any BAT for clicking ur link as i been using it the Brave Browser for a few weeks now, today's update finally fixed the @ bug :p

Anyway, great video, love the content. T.

Why glance over the fact that the number of BTC transactions it a level comparable to what it was 1-2 years ago. It was right there, on your screen, as you were talking about the transaction speed going up.

The fee and transaction time improvements are a direct result of number of transactions regressing to below current capacity.

As soon as enough people see the "current" fees as acceptable and start moving BTC again we'll quickly go back to pricing people out of BTC transactions.