Another Bitcoin (Bull)/Altcoin (Bear) Cycle in the Works?

in bitcoin •  8 months ago

Traditionally, when Bitcoin runs up heavily, it sucks the life and the money out of altcoins, back into Bitcoin. Right now, with Bitcoin hovering around $11,700, we're seeing yet another example of this scenario playing out as many altcoins are in the red against BTC. Let's take a historical look at this and discuss future possibilities as well.

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Yeah, it's quite weird and unusual.

I think, someone wants us to buy altcoins by selling our Bitcoin and then other altcoins. We can get trapped and it will help them earn more.

Just my thoughts.

Adoption should be the main factor for future rebounds and Bitcoin is the main asset that will determine the trend. This is become it is the asset that has captured the attention of mainstream media. Although the attention has been reduced due to the crash, Bitcoin continues to be high on the watching list of many institutions waiting to add positions in order to participate on emerging technology and asset classes. The increase of crypto asset hedge funds has increased exponentially as the market grew in 2017, so money remains available to push the market forward. With Bitcoin futures also launching, we can see that Bitcoin doninance will be a measure of the interest to the asset class.

Thanks for sharing i will done upvote I always see your post.

As the man Bobby. I got into crypto a couple months ago by watching your videos and i always thought damn wouldn't that be cool. You opened up an entire world for me and I just wanted to thank you because my life has changed for the better since i got into the crypto community. I finally made my first video last night about the classic faucet because I had to start as small as possible. It'd be dope if you checked it out!/v/js07od/r8pqmwg3 i don't mean to spam I just thought it'd be worth getting it out to you. Thanks man keep balling

Its seems to me to be a consolidation into the top crypto's since the dip. Dash, LTC, ETH, BTC, and even XMR have really been on the rise with BTC the past weeks. Every time start to think about exiting one of these and re position, its pumps.

Got lucky when I was going to convert LTC to steem and I woke up to a 30% LTC gainer. The volatility is making it hard to do anything but Hodl what I have

Thanks for this valuable post cryptocurrency news update providing..... i appreciate this bitcoin. keep it up dear friend

I am currently trying to have 18% btc, eth and ltc for a total of 54% of the "OG's". I personally agree with you that a strong, balanced portfolio must always include btc. On another note, even if alts are falling compared to btc value, as long as you believe in what you invest in, you should be fine with the HODL untill " change of season". Anyway, thats just my B0,02. T.

Really solid advice opinion on investment as always on your channel.

It's a good and comforting explanation of why my ETH holdings currently fall off the cliff again while BTC is soaring.

Simple HODLing probably is not the best way to maximize your profits. I think I will try harder to go with the market flow in the future, selling BTC on its high for cheap altcoins and vice versa.

People are getting out of Alt Coins and buying Bitcoin so they can ride the wave. They don’t want to miss the wave in bitcoin.

Interesting analysis again; Market does appear to be moving in cycles; many have predicted Bitcoin will break all time high during Feb/March;

Having been stung by pernicious Bitcoin fees in December, I am staying out.

As a small investor Altcoins and ICO's are more fun at this point.

Thank you for your concise and clear commentary.

I consider this as a bull trap (for altcoins). New money is flowing into bitcoin and will later flow into altcoins.