Will Bitcoin Hit $3000 & Will Ethereum Hit $300 Today? Mark Cuban's Take On Crypto Bubble

in bitcoin •  last year


Both Bitcoin & Ethereum rose to new record highs this past week! A lot of people are excited about this while several still think we're in a bit of a bubble. Checkout what Mark Cuban had to say in the video below. What are your thought & what does this mean for the cryptosphere?


Video Credit: Champagne Crypto Via Youtube

Good luck Investing & Blessings N Prosperity To You All! - @Cryptoblessings

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Is Mark Cuban really an important figure within the crypto world? Sorry about my ignorance if so.


If his claims of only investing $20 out of Billions is true I would think not....


He has 7.14 million followers on Twitter, so I bet whatever he says about crypro currency has somewhat of an impact.


Charlie Sheen has over 12 million followers on Twitter yet I doubt he has any useful insight into cryptocurrency. But thanks for pointing it out, it warrants at least some Google searches :)