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RE: Bitcoin Lightning Network Simply Explained

in #bitcoin6 years ago

Perfect explanation @majestyman

Just checked your profile just to realize that we seem to share a number of interests :)

In particular that we both share a similar passion towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology :)

big fat upvote on the way! :)

I will follow you closely :)
Take care, Piotr


First of all Thanks so much for having a look of our profile @crypto.piotr
It means a lot to us.. Exactly sir if we share no.of interests together, it will be glad for us.
For following us closely .... Thanks
Really it means a lot for us... We will follow you sir and share interests.

hi @majestyman

you're very responsive which is absolutely great and steemit community surely will benefit by having you here.

if you would ever like to keep in touch and support each other closer, then drop me a message [email protected]. This will allow us to communicate easier.

No pressure of course,

Cheers, Piotr

@crypto.piotr Thanks for your support.
This much suggestions and help towards us that means a lot..
If need any help then we will contact you sir👍

You keep replying as "we" :) Interesing @majestyman :)

keep in touch

Nothing to misunderstand, @crypto.piotr
We will be always in touch👍
Thanks so much for everything

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