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This app allows you to track the value of your crypto portfolio easily. It includes all major cryptos and has real-time, accurate price feeds. Be warned, though, it’s dangerously addictive.

If you’re a crypto investor with several different coins in your portfolio — or potentially dozens — then you’ll need a way to track their value. There are various different apps that allow an at-a-glance overview of your current crypto net worth. Some are fine, some clunky or hard to use. Some only have a decent web interface. Some work ok but the price feeds are drawn from limited exchanges, so they miss out certain cryptos or offer distorted valuations.

There’s a reason Blockfolio is a market leader. It manages to provide a user experience that is (generally) slick and intuitive, while providing accurate price feeds for a massive range of crypto coins and tokens.

There are iOS and Android versions and it’s free to download. Getting started is easy, though there’s just one minor UX hurdle that needs a moment or two to figure out. Adding coins is simple, but sometimes the app is just a little bit too clever for its own good. It’s designed to allow you to reallocate assets within your portfolio — e.g. sell LTC for BTC — and track valuation up to and from the time of the exchange. If you’re using it for that purpose, fine, but if you just want a summary of your portfolio it’s a bit much. You can simply edit coin entries directly, but you’ll need to swipe right to the ‘Holdings’ menu and change it there, rather than alter it on the main screen for that entry in your portfolio.

But in general, this is by far the best and easiest way to keep up to date with the crypto markets and how they affect you. You can also access news, receive price signals and get alerts for specific events.

Be warned, though: in critical market conditions you’re likely to find yourself checking the app multiple times per day. It can get dangerously obsessive. You’ve been warned.

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Thank you for the info.

Well..where is your Blockfolio screenshot? :)

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Also give Delta a shot if you like crypto portfolio aggregator apps!

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Welcome to

Nice, beautiful and informative. Keep sharing, great work!

Thanks for the info, not heard about this project, but i will check it out!

It's the app that I have been using since my first purchases. I've tried a few different apps over this period but block folio is by far the best. It keeps track of everything in such a simple but detailed way that I can track all movement of my crypto since the beginning. It makes it really easy to see where you stand when the app does all the calculations for you and can add prices in real market time.

I would recommend it to anybody starting off with crypto to input your purchases and keep track of all of them in one simple place.

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If you like desktop and have your coins on exchanges try Mintfort. It tracks via API:

Also be warned that it was disclosing users data a couple of years back. You could register say 1% of your cryptos you have, if you have a lot of money so it looks like you have say $1000 worth of when you actually have $100,000. Those with 100,000,000 worth are laughing at me.

Ive never used it before but it sounds like it saves a lot of time.

Valuable information dear @crypto.Inerno 👏👏👏

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Thanks for the info, didnt heard about this project before. Is this a new ICO project?