Beyond Bitcoin: Binnary-Chain (Vericoin / Verium)

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Bitcoin problem

We notice that today bitcoin is experiencing some problems regarding the transaction validation time. This echoes the recent announcements in China about banning professional miners. This does not detract from the interest and value of bitcoin for the community (the bitcoin remains a reference value for many cryptocurrencies), but we have to admit that transaction delays pose serious difficulties and this is not likely to go in the right direction in the future.

Beyond bitcoin: The Binary-Chain

Today's digital currencies are trying - in vain - to be both a fast and liquid currency, and a safe reserve of value. The combination of VeriCoin and Verium in a single double block system called Binary-Chain solves this problem with a revolutionary approach. Binary-Chain, secures and speeds up transactions by using complementary protocols (PoST[Proof-of-Stake-Time] and POWT[Proof-of-Work-Time]), within the same blockchain ecosystem.

This leads to:

  • Reduced transaction times for VeriCoin (up to 30 seconds).
  • A reduction of Verium transaction times from 5 minutes to 1 to 3 minutes.
  • Full decentralization through a combination of two channels (POST and POWT)
  • Total immutability
  • A fully secure digital financial system

At this time, Vericoin and Verium are clearly undervalued and the project is progressing slowly but surely. While some cryptos easily reach $1 billion in capitalization, Vericoin now stands at $61 million and Verium has a $18 million MarketCap. This offers a considerable gap in progress. Some cryptos valued at 1 billion don't always have a solid project (some of them are outright scams), while the team behind Verium and Vericoin looks really solid and competent. Some big news will come in 2018 according to their recent statement.

I have calculated for you some target prices based from future expected MarketCap for Vericoin:

61 374 000 > 2.01 usd (today price)
100 000 000 > 3.27 usd
200 000 000 > 6.54 usd
400 000 000 > 13.07 usd
800 000 000 > 26.14 usd
1000 000 000 > 32.68 usd

Of course, you can do the same for Verium and you will see the gap of progress is also considerable.

I invite you to visit their website where you can find a very interesting interview with Douglas Pike (Co-creator / Lead developper):

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