HODL vs. BUIDL - Crypto Needs You 🔨 🔧🔨

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Hi Steemers... I watched an interesting video 📺 from Ivan on tech where he introduced the idea of BUIDL... for those of you that don't know HODL means to "hold on for dear life" 📉 i.e. to buy and hold crypto no matter what .... but there is a growing realisation that this just isn't enough. 😕

Its not good enough just to HODL your crypto... We as a community need to start building new and powerful applications... and this is what BUIDL means to "build useful stuff" in the crypto space 🔨

Because I believe in crypto... I actually need to do something to move the space further... So I have decided to take a number of blockchain courses 👨‍💻 to learn how to program on ETH/Solidity and other chains...

I courage you to do the same... the time for HODLing is over... the time for BUIDLing has began... If you believe in the space, its time to make a contribution in whatever way you can... 💪👍




Good post

very good

Great man!, i am also currently taking a course on how to write steemit python scripts.

This is an awesome idea and suggestion.

What are you building? What will I build?

We got the land here, what are you going to do with it?

I'm thinking of building something to help with crypto wills... i.e. how to get your crypto into your family's hands after you pass... have a think what you passionate about and then tailor that to crypto somehow

upvoted because you taught me something new and confused the hell out of me at the same time.

Yes to BUIDLing! I love that it’s becoming more frequent a mention than HODL, especially in the current market moment. THIS. IS/WAS. MY. FAVORITE. Crypto meme ever.

its great hey... love it

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