10 Binance Coin Give Away - Predict Bitcoins Price 🤑🤑

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Hi Steemers

We giving away 10 Binance Coins (💲125) to the person that can best predict the Bitcoin price at the end of July 31-07-2018. To enter the draw follow the 3 simple steps below: 

  1. Sign up for a Binance account here: Binance crypto exchange
  2. Resteem this post to your page
  3. Add a comment below on where you think the Bitcoin price will be in USD on 31-07-2018 e.g. $6695 

The person who is closest 🎯 to the Bitcoin price on Binance at the end of July (GMT time) will be the winner 🏆. We will announced this on the 05-08-2018. We will also add a screenshot showing the 10 Binance Coin transfer for full transparency.

Good luck and may the best trader win🥇. By the way, my prediction is $6695

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31/07/2018 - 6720$ BTC


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$8000 my prediction...

Mine prediction - $7345 (7/31/2018)

Good try to explain.

@crypto-n-custard nice one my friend

nice , this is my participation for today

I have upvoted ur post bro. So please upvote. Really need it .. I also new here so I need u guys upvote m support