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💙 WHOOOO! SEC Hearing goes pretty well...
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it was great hearing them speak well of cryptos and blockchain, i was impressed , was expecting negative remarks and this has been good for the market, we can now hope for growth to continue

I think it's just about time! Worries of what could have happened at that hearing are behind us and the altcoin markets are showing some signs of life.. I'm ready for an exciting February

this and that both singapore and india are not baning crypto sent the market upwards in double digits

3% reporting for duty (yeah, I'm a girl).

Great video! I rolled down to read your post, and half-read the disclaimer ( I am not a financial adviser...). As I scrolled back up to the video, I saw Jamie Dimon's face. Oh! The sarcasm. It feels great to laugh, I hope they set the bulls loose.

Great video. I think the hearing was the bottom. I wish I would have figured that out ahead of time.

I dont think that was where you were pulling those numbers from.
I think the location was a little further down

Hearing some good news after all the FUD spread by the media in the last days is amazing.

I shouldn't get too excited because is still too early but.... I am getting excited. :)

This video is the prime example of why I give you a heavy vote. You sir are my bubu. <3

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