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NEW! Roger Ver ( CEO) Talks Bitcoin Hard-Fork, Bitcoin Cash, & Altcoins w/ Crypt0!

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

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"I respect him now more, he is an amazing guy, he was very humble and to the point on his opinion" - From personal experience in talking to him.


Yeah, I had dinner with him and Antonopoulos once in 2011. I really enjoyed talking with Roger, he was a great listener, and directed conversation around the table to a lot of different people. Andreas on the other hand didn't have a stomache for anything except what was coming out of his mouth. Roger was awesome, would hang out with him any day.


I agree with you.

Thanks. I'm more, and more convinced towards BCH. It is better.

Great video.Those are some wise words from Roger Ver, being true to yourself and what you believe in is what makes life worth living.

Great video!! Everybody should listen to this, and not get scared by all the trolls😁
Don't put all your eggs in one basket!😁👍

Love the idea that Vitalik supports OMG. It's moved quite a bit in the last couple days. Also learned a little something from that beerbot that commented... about short links (not needed on Steemit).

Great Inverview. I like Roger Ver because he's not afraid to have an unpopular opinion. I'm wondering which Bitcoin will come out as the winner of this November craze

Damn man you're getting major interviews here. I love his shirt. Bought more OMG today and feel confident with him and Vitalik supporting it. Writing is all over the wall on that being one of the 10% of ICOs to make it.

Hmm... tough decision to make re: how to handle my BTC and BCH. Do you think it's wise to have 50/50, or another ratio?

Really hoping that Genesis Mining comes out with BCH mining to pair up with my open-ended BTC there.

Core does NOT inspire confidence.

Great video. Yes, diversifying in the crypto space is a must.

heir vow never to expand the block size caused the hard fork. .... For all the libertarian talk you guys love to speak in the language of free markets and freedom
@crypt0 Upvoted and following

Whether or not you agree with having big blocks or not, you can't deny that Roger is trying his best to actually make bitcoin successful.

I like your videos, and Roger made a lot of sense on the future of Bitcoin Cash

Thanks For Your Good Info.

I am visit your side

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@crypt0 another high quality post - this is why I have given you a shout out on my latest episode of Crypto Nights!!

Check it out on my blog and let me know what you think!!

bitcoin is umstoppable, thanks for post about bitcoin..

Since you like to downvote my bot who is warning users about the dangers of short links and their use in an ongoing phishing attack I will personally be commenting on your posts. Anyone upvoting this guy ask yourself why he doesn't want people to know short links could be dangers. Also ask yourself why he would attack a bot that is warning people of these dangers. Really don't know why people are upvoting this copy/paste youtube crap in the first place.

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Awesome post.. Thanks for sharing