Legendary $10,000 Bitcoin prediction @TimDraper

in bitcoin •  last year

Visionary inversor Tim Draper prediction

It is awsome to see after three years this prediction was made how unbelivable accurate it was. Great prediction from a very very smart inversor.

Now TimDraper says that in 5 years you will have to pay in Starbucks with cryptocourrecies and would laught if you say you want to pay in fiat courrency, everything is said with that..

30.000 Bitcoins

Tim Draper won the auction for 30.000 bitcoins from the US Marshals, that is a lot of Bitcoins! Today that amount has a value of 300.000.000 USD.

Draper planned to create some financial solutions with that big amount as stability center, and give solution to unbankary people in third world.

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