Paying Utility Bills in Bitcoin! Telecom Giant AT&T Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments – Is All as it Seems?

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Pay Your Phone and Internet Bills With Bitcoin!

The telecom giant AT&T announced this week that it will accept bill payments in Bitcoin via cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay.

_“AT&T will now accept online bill payments through BitPay, a respected cryptocurrency payment processor. AT&T becomes the first major U.S. mobile carrier to provide a cryptocurrency payment option to customers.” – _AT&T Announcement

BitPay is a well-established crypto payment platform founded in 2011 that allows users to spend their BTC and BCH using a Visa debit card. Companies can add BitPay as a payment option, similar to how PayPal can be an option alongside credit/debit card payments.

_“Customers will be able to select BitPay as a payment option when they log on to their accounts online or with the myAT&T app.” – _AT&T Announcement

BitPay is Bridging the Gap, But is AT&T Really Accepting Bitcoin?

With an impressive list of integrations by BitPay, the gap between cryptocurrencies and mainstream usage is slowly being bridged. Volatility is frightening people away, but being a first-mover will also have its long-term benefits.

The recent announcement by AT&T has generated some skepticism in the crypto community. Many say the announcement is not what it says because BitPay is the one accepting the digital asset payments and will be selling the cryptocurrencies into fiat for AT&T.

AT&T is playing it safe with BitPay, but despite that, the exposure to cryptocurrency is still a positive step forward and the fact that AT&T is open to digital assets is also promising for the future. Perhaps they are planning for the next bull market in advance?

Despite the respected opinion of others, millions will have the option to pay their utility bills in Bitcoin, creating exposure, trust, and awareness of cryptocurrencies.

This is not investment advice; please always do thorough research and only invest what you are willing to lose, especially in times of uncertainty.

Released on 2019-05-25

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