Thoughts on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies & money Part II (12.12.2018)

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Part II - Dec. 2018

How to "heal" Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general

I think the healthiest thing for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general - an organic growth based on real demand - will not be achieved with the avoidance of volatility and real capitulation (btc-rescueteam), but with the corrosion of price-manipulating exchanges.

I mentioned it a few times before, but it´s obvious that exchanges like Coinbase, Bitfinex and Binance are using bots to hold/pump the price and of course also liquidate the high leverage traders on Bifinex and Bitmex.

What we really need in my opinion is adoption, new use cases and resultant demand.

As Dr. Krall said in the recent Mission Money Video and his new book about black swans:
" Volitality is the concept of try and error. Try and error is the learning mechanism of our society and people who are not learning, are getting left behind."

-> With the manipulation of the price, we are not accepting the "error" and let the crypto space grow organically while developing and improving things like the Lightning Network, second layer solutions etc.. So you forestall the apation of price and value.

Massmedia and investments

Can you nominate one single advice of television, massmedia or politicians to discover an so far unknown niche (like bitcoin was from 2009) to get more financial independent? I don´t mean advices like CNBC called at 19000$/btc ("how to buy it")
Friedrich Merz with his proposal Germans should buy more stocks(right before the "crash") & other bond rip-offs passed by the politics.
It seems that poor people should conditioned of money their whole life while rich people are getting richer.
Maybe best thing would be to countertrade every single call shown at massmedia!?

I would be happy, If you join the conversation and write me a comment with your opinion to the topic.

Posted my shortened thoughts before on Twitter and saving it also here on the Steem blockchain.