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For those who do not know NULS...

NULS is a global blockchain open-source project which is a highly customizable modular blockchain infrastructure; it consists of a microkernel and functional modules. Nuls aim to break the technical barriers of blockchain, to reduce the cost of development, and to promote the usage of blockchain technology in the commercial field.

In other words ...

The modular design allows regular software developers to build on the blockchain without the need to understand complicated cryptographic technology.
They can create a blockchain using our module library, without having to recreate a whole blockchain from scratch. This addresses a key problem in the industry, the lack of blockchain programmers, and the high cost of developing a blockchain.



The blockchain architecture is divided into three layers: the chain layer, module layer and the logic layer.

The chain layer is concerned with cross linking the different side chains. It uses the cross-chain consensus module to ensure that the nodes across the different side chains are connected so that developers can be able to run different applications. The developers can also choose the exact modules that will enable them to customize different nodes.

The module layer is where the Dapps developers and open source community can restructure the default NULS modules: ledger, account, storage, network and consensus modules. The customized modules are then stored in the module repository of the NULS blockchain.

The logic layer is the most important layer for the end users! It is where the magic happens! It contains the smart contracts. Each smart contract is tailored to do a specific task. Using the NULS smart contracts, users have the privilege to logistics of their business entities without the need of having programming skills. The user only gives the NULS processor his/her logic and then leave the system to build it into a decentralized application.



The NULS focus on community participation combined with its strong Asian partnerships appears to leave it well-placed to attract developers from outside and, in the process, widen its modular blockchain platform as well as its global reach.

For example, NULS has recently agreed strategic partnerships with several powerful players, including:

China-based Bitmain, the multi-billion dollar Bitcoin mining giant;

Singapore-based MC Payment, one of the largest providers of electronic payment solutions in Asia-Pacific;

Thai-based Prism, the medical data and research company;

India-based HIPIPS, the visa provider;

BitShares, the US-based cryptocurrency platform;

Devery, the product verification blockchain company;

AIWTC, the global tourism platform;

And its related company Inchain, the award-winning Chongqing-based anti-counterfeiting specialist.

At the China International Intelligent Industry Expo in 2018 and the media meeting of the Infocomm Media Development Bureau of Singapore, NULS, Veritag, SAKAE Fintech, Y3 Technologies Pte Ltd, Reefic Protocol and Morpheus Lab signed the Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation for the International Food Blockchain Alliance. The six parties decided to establish a strategic partnership and jointly launched the "International Food Blockchain Alliance". The alliance aims to use blockchain technology to connect international resources and promote the safe and healthy development of the international food industry.


The names of some projects that will run at NULS are already known:

SportIP (Chinese)
YouBlock (Chinese)
Tinkey (Chinese)
WISChainReceipt-Zeanyon (Chinese)
China Health Data Chain, NEEP (Chinese)

Hena (Korean)
JYA (Korean)
VICS (Korean)

Smart contracts take effect in September so be prepared for a huge climb.

Undervalued in terms of market capitalization.

NULS may be one of the most undervalued blockchain specialists on the market when compared to competitors such as NEO and QTUM. According to Coinmarketcap (August 15, 2018), NULS’ $57 million capitalization is only 5 percent of that of NEO ($1.07 billion) and 14 percent of QTUM (403.1m). To put it another way, with its business-ready modular designs, a cluster of important strategic partnerships, and an active community in support – plus its own expanding team of developers – NULS is certainly a company to watch.



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