Bitcoin is coming out of its infancy

in bitcoin •  last year 

Hey everyone,

I'm not an angel investor nor a specifically smart guy I'd say but I believe and have seen that Bitcoin is just coming out of its infancy. Right now Bitcoin is literally the future of the worlds commerce in my opinion and I do have some interesting ideas that I'd like to share with you at some later stage.

Right now Bitcoin allows for fast and mostly anonymous transactions (if you exclude BTC Debit cards etc) and this is what I like. I hate banks taking my money or taking ages to progress a transaction. Anyways, back to my point. The reason why I think Bitcoin is still in its infancy s that slowly but steady more and more shops around the world actually start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.

So far Bitcoin is like the Euro on the trading floor before it became the official currency in the EU area. So regardless of the price I think that Bitcoin is just gaining momentum and vital and truthful exposure to become stronger than ever before. Not talking about the price here. I;m sure it'll regulate at some stage to a healthy level and deserved level but for now I hope that many more shops will be accepting Bitcoin.

Personally, I plan to support Bitcoin by offering it as a payment to my upcoming shop, but this is not to be discussed here. Rather I want to encourage everyone (as I did with my family and friends who live overseas), to embrace Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as the modern way of transferring money overseas and to even purchase goods and services with it. It needs to be experienced and used and I believe Bitcoin is before a major blast off in user acceptance in the next 1.5 years.

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