Privacy Coins on the Rise Despite BTC Crash After BCH Lists on CoinBase?

in bitcoin •  last year

Waking up to a massacre in the crypto market isn't always a good feeling. Especially when you do not hold that particular coin which has caused that major drop for the other coins!

Yep, I had Bitcoin Cash, bought at lower levels but ended up booking profits at levels leading up to the USD 2100-2200 mark before watching the graph jump up to twice those levels. My usual 'good morning' to those around me was replaced by an 'Argghhhhh'.

We have all been there, especially at the start of our investing careers and this was no different. So after the initial frustration, I have been alright, back to observing the market and strategising what's next on the plate.

Fortunately for me, I do hold a substantial amount of Verge (XVG) and as I see it, it's barely been shaken off its highs. A bit here and there but not such a major effect.

Looking at the other privacy coin, Monero, the story isn't too different. In fact, Monero saw a spike as soon as the bloodbath came to fore. Check this graph from


And it's not different with the others either - Dash and Zcash, both either maintaining their strongholds or rising up a tad.

Interesting, isn't it? Wonder what to make of it.

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