$9148 in 72 hours (3 days)

in bitcoin •  last year

At the top of my pyramid, life is nothing but a joke.

In regards to quality of information, the word fact has no meaning in my life, only the word NOW is relevant, is real.

Disregard everything in your imagination as being real, then look around you in your physical reality, that's the real world... Craig :)


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Stackin haters with all this new money youve been EARNING...

Thats because the haters are out here trading shit like ripple looking for a come up haha

Keep compounding that interest, It will stack up. Love the videos, Its funny most youtubers made a video on bitconnect then never touch the site again. Thank you for actually making good content on how the site has done for you.

I found out about this earlier and invested $120 to see what happens! Thanks for sharing the video

Jesus haha, I need to learn this stuff. Just spent the last 20 days trying to survive with only $3 to my name.
Sounds like you've put a lot of effort into achieving this though. Solid effort mate

It is great to have financially freedom and spent time with your family. I want that!

Showing your account live on a screen is the best form of proof. There are sceptics as in any business but if you're doing well no one can beat that.

I am considering signing up for it too and this sure is good encouragement.

Hope you continue to do well!

Wow, that's fantastic. It's good to see your hard work paying off with BCC.


no hard work involved


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Money doesn't sleep..Keep grinding steemians!

Non Dollar Non Dollar Non Dollar bills y'all

Thanks for this video,but i have to say that you earned that money not overnight but by your hard work and promoting and investing your time and money keep it up @craig-grant i also going to try this site.


No hard work, only time


Ya time is important

That's just in 3 days. Let's compound daily and snowball daily.

you can use half and upgrade your genesis mining contract using my code.. HA HA

@craig-grant this is without even considering the 100% bounceback in steem price :)

is it about to be a big money Wednesday for the main man @craig-grant?!


Best acting I saw in ages

Facts and figure have also values what ever is your job it does not matter.

that's cool

Thanks for the link below @craig-grant. I'll study a bit about bitconnect and see where it goes. Much love brother.
Have a great sleep!

Interesting, I think there's a little hook here :))

I dont have a job , but i know one thing for sure i wont need one if i keep working hard in here !!!

nice post and video.

awesome results!

That is wisdom what you post here. You are smart.

What kind of Illuminati Gods must I pray to to get an upvote on this comment from Almighty Craig?


You won't, just a extra layer to the pyramid

Wow .. Congratulations man!!! keep it up!!

Good job Craig! I love it when people succeed.

Hi Bro, fantastic work . Congratulations on your hard earned efforts. Have you put a video on withdrawing funds out? interested to see the procedure. keep up the great work Bro.

That success is truly impressive. Respect!

Awesome !

usury, ponsi can be very strong until.....

Amazing work. I've got a long way to go haha. Still trying to workout the steemit wallet. Watched one of your video and it clearer (I think). Move my dollar into steam now :)

I don't know most people consider bitconnect to be a scam.I have myself invested and gotten quite good results out of it.Let the interest stack up. It'll go a long way.

@craig-grant thank you for the post. I regularly check your posts. You are one of the most promising whales according to the #whalesanalytics.
I recently completed the research on the influential whales on Steemit.
I termed this project as #whalesanalytics.
This week's research was aimed to identify the whale accounts which are popular than the founders of the Steem itself.
I am really happy to inform you that you have more acceptance in the fellow steemians. You rank 9th in the list and ahead of one of the co-founders of Steem.
You can check the complete research based post here. Steem is a really wonderful platform.

Wow. Amazing. Learning more about this world every day. I test everything with small amounts, as one never knows .. and will definitely check this out. We are about to launch our own crypto project, so nice to see so many that believe in this as the future (crypto)

Wow its good move
You are very lucky my friend, I envy you,
hard effort that accompanied with a little luck will produce a very fruitful results,
congratulations for you,
and if you are overwhelmed by the amount
you can share a little with me so I'm also lucky

EDIT: I can now log on with no issues! I'm hoping this was just a hiccup with the server or my VPN...who knows.

Panic over...phew 'wipes brow'

Hey bro, I've been following yours and @trevonjb journey on Bitconnect over at Youtube, and I thought I'd take the risk with $100 about 5 days ago.
I've been getting 0.8 - 1.2% everyday as expected and been pretty happy with the service.

Today, i am unable to log on. I'm confident my account hasn't been hacked as i can logon past the email/password but as soon as i hit the Google Authenticator page, I get this error. bitconnect down.PNG.

If navigating to this link, which is shown on the error page, you end up at their http server company (NGINX) page with a wall of configuration text. nginx.org is the company link.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?
Was it too good to be true?

We shall see...

wow.. luck favours the brave.. i am trying to follow your footsteps and lets see where it goes... compounding interest is really the 8th wonder of the world.. love your videos

Hi @craig-grant Big thanks for your video and a good tip on how to make some money by lending I will become one of your referent people in this year, i am waiting some from my country but the administration is really slow when it come to give you your money. This is a really good way and i do know some peoples who will be interesting too. Again thank for the good mood and the tips. Respect

Thanks for sharing I was looking for new ways to make income & you show me the way bro

Nice video! It's really nice see what financial freedom can do!

Congratulations my friend, you deserve it!

@craig-grant nice!)) i followed!)

You are 1000% right about it being a "paid game of patience".. My interest figures are, of course, no where near that but, I take care over the small and it will grow -- but patience is certainly becoming a virtue for me.

Just catching this video now! I bet your recording or have already recorded your 10k loan, I'll be checking that out when you post it