EOS investment advice, and Bitcoin to STEEM for the upper hand

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

Without me nothing does exist, and with me everything is.

Information is separation. The matter in my life is now.

Life brainwashed me to believe I'm not alone, and that's life.

I have no beliefs, and no heart for my imagination... Craig :)

on my bedroom balcony in Jamaica
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@craig-grant I have been SERIOUSLY puzzled by you, your short & seemingly whimsical opening statements & quotes, and your obvious success at trading & profiting from cryptos.

Please don't take offense when I say that I think you are a crazy man. Obviously, you've taken a "different path" to success than most. I just wonder if you're lost out there somewhere in a kind of psychotic grandiosity about your own perspective & estimation of your own importance - because you talk like an idiot, sometimes.

I just don't "get it," or get you. Are you really a completely self-absorbed, out-of-touch person, or lost in some kind of a New Age philosophical trip? Or, am I just too "unenlightened" to be able to understand?

If you could "clue me in" as to WTH is up with you, please do so... And, keep on Steeming because, obviously, you're doing something right. You just completely blow my mind.

You are an enigma. Maybe it's the result of you escaping debt-slavery that makes me unable to relate?

Mind Blown.jpg


Your over analyzing. He's just a genius mining and bcc salesman. A very good one at that. Now he's pushing steem. Which is great for us 🚂🚂


I agree. Some people are incredibly good at somethings but really struggle to be concise or clear when explaining or sharing their expertise. I personally really enjoy craigs work and methods.


my last job was in 1999, earned millions online since then, with no help


props on upping his comment like that


Yeah, thank you for the upvote! I just wrote a post on how I did my first crypto transaction today - 4th of July. Bought a little Bitcoin at Coinbase, moved it to Bittrex, then transferred to Steem, and powered it up. Is there an easier path to go from Bitcoin to Steem? Something with just one simple transfer, without going through a middle-man? That would simplify that one process for me.

Also, I've been doing the Genesis Mining research and will probably start mining soon, using your referral code. It seems like the X11 mining contracts would be a good place for me to start. Any advice there? Which coins are best to mine with X11? I'm looking hard at Gridcoin for one of my picks. Any other recommendations from you would be most welcome.


Following for the answer...


Ur a badass craig.


Craig-grant inspires people with his easy flow and free lifestyle. He has good insights on Steem and other crypto too.

Live life on your terms. Remember, Heaven = Have Fun
Thanks @craig-grant


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Peolple who found crypto space in this times is people who has the brightest future coming...great great post


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You are the one who made me start Steemin'. Thanks for that :)

I saw @trevonjb reference this in his video today and I have to say it's worth its weight in gold. Accountants can wrap their heads around "blogging income" easier than "crypto gains". I guess the tradeoff (for US tax laws anyway) is that it would be considered ordinary income and taxed at a higher rate than capital gains (for holding more than 1 year). On the flip side, one can take deductions that freelance bloggers and entertainers enjoy. Game-changer.

This is near the bottom of what Steem will hit, it can only go up from here, because think about it. The more users that sign up the more people 'fighting' for the same Steem and Steem Power. And the community is growing fast. Steem was just reflecting the other coins but later on with a bigger community it's not going to occur the same way again.

Steem, BTS, EOS all are great!

That makes a lot of sense - since EOS and STEEM originate from the same team, investing in EOS can be done by investing in more STEEM. And that explains why STEEM is currently rising, almost up to $2 again, thanks to the pump experienced by EOS yesterday. Great news for all of us on Steemit!

Keep up the HUGE gains you're making from BitConnect, Genesis and Steemit and we'll do our part stacking our own BTC and investing more in STEEM Power. Happy 4th of July Craig!

I think you're right. EOS will benefit Steem and Steemit in many ways. Steem on brother.

You and @trevonjb have the same strategy!

craig, i think you have taken a very important decision regarding your bitcoin. And about EOS i agree with you.
Please if you can explain me what I asked on facebook? (its a very rookie question, i know xD)
Thanks and keep up the good work!

I am ivvesting I hope it pays off one day

Perfect day for such a king move!! Again Congrads!! :)

Been trying to jump on EOS, but no us ips. Tezos and wtt look good too. Litecoin booming! Much love bro

Not firework time here yet on the west coast, good times. Experience over money!

Great tips on EOS and Steem. Upvoted and promoted.

I thank you for giving us such wonderful advice on cryptocurrencies
I always follow your guidelines @craig-grant

Nice advice on eos. Just got done watching fireworks here to! Keep up the great posts! Btw I resteemed!

New follower and steemian just admiring your style and outlook. Fairly new to the crypto space and it is awesome.

Wow man, you're inspiring.

I just came from your youtube account and I came here to follow you and I like what you share. You are and amazing and blessed person. Thank you for being you! @pastorlea

@craig-grant im not sure if eos if for me bro
the sudden price drop in 2 days was a bit off for me

Interesting perspective and advice. I'll check out some of your other posts.

I wonder if Dan will move Steemit onto the EOS blockchain, if that's possible, and assuming EOS is a success.

we should connect man i live in Jamaica would be great if we did

Thank you for the advice!!!

Great post!

Nice post, Freedom Craig. Thank you for sharing!

You got a little alex jonsy with the snort lol. nice vlog.

Thanks for the continued support and advice. I believe I wouldn't be talking for my self when I say that your videos help a ton.

Definitely worth celebrating!
Hope you have an amazing Independence Day!!
It's going to be exciting to see how it looks here next
year at this time...

I just found your youtube a few days ago and just followed you on here. Your excitement and enthusiasm is contagious. I just signed up for BCC with your link too. I'm going crypto-crazy, in a good way. lol

Nice videos, thanks for sharing upvote and resteem

nice video
thank you for sharing

My man...you just keep killin it. I need to build a few relationships/mentors that can help me along this journey. I feel like I just always need BTC or SBD to do anything, but I can't build those banks to even get moving. You're a legend my man...any support/advice appreciated.

The universe is in agreement. Wealth and freedom will embrace those who fly with the wings of opportunity. Fear cannot fly.

I like bitcoin ,,,, By keeping Bitcoin primarily as a store of value and / or currency, we store it simply and theoretically at least reduce the bloat on the main blockchain.

It can also help reduce arguments and subdivisions in the future because of protocol changes, as there will be little incentive to add new features to try to compete with new projects.

So in short, I think keeping Bitcoin in focus and working well because its currency form is quite difficult so it should be the only focus. In some cases simplicity is the best.
I listen ,,,,

Great video.


Very Informative.....

Oh Craig,you are so deep as usual. So deep i can almost see Adele rolling. The inner machination of your mind is an enigma xD

nothing taste much sweeter than freedom