HERE ARE MY PREDICTIONS FOR 2018 by Cowboyinvestor

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Hello all, here are my predictions for 2018, hope you enjoy.

First i'll start with crypto currencies, then bonds, stocks, and trends.

Crypto's; 2018 will be the year of wealth change into the crypto realm, expect massive gains into all cryptos, as well look for major fraud in the coin/token realm, beware choose wisely. BTC will see 20k-40k 2018, ETC will see 1k-4k 2018, LTC will see 500-2k 2018, and SALT will see 1k-4k 2018 EOS will see 50-100. Fast changes come as tech evolves. Platform coins will skyrocket.. Some will go into to huge debt to make bets on coins/tokens, and will be rewarded. Some who choose wrong will, well you know what happens. China opens the door to certain crypto's causing massive fluctuations.

Bond market: 2018 will see fraud, and volatility caused by FED as usual. Expect a massive bond market correction followed up by the stock market. All debt markets begin to fail. Look at derivatives market to began failing due to banks in Italy.

Stock market: Stocks hit all time highs by manipulation then ride the failure of the bond markets, causing a flight to safety into hard assets. Look for gold, and silver markets beginning to fluctuate at a never before seen volatile way. Cryptos begin massive march up. Oil, silver, and gold backed securities become hot. Anti aging becomes distraction over troubled economy slightly. Tesla car company falters due to government backed global auto industries. Possible false flag incident on market.

Trends: Major new trends in the middle east begin, as rumors of war ring again with N. Korea bomb, Iran, and Syria. The weapons industry along with big governments continue making up enemies for profit. Weather manipulation hits all time high, controlling economies, and countries. People begin to start countering governments on this subject as to why especially with geoengineering (planes spraying sky). Medical monopoly begins to show cracks as folks realize administrative pay, and jobs are now way out of control. Public demands simplistic health care centers for all with no health insurance companies to be involved. The FCC, and FDA become scrutinized in an alarming way. The same scrutiny with the education system begins to happen in all forms. Anti aging comes in full speed again with big claims, some work, and folks become distracted again. Silver starts rising fast due to a special way they can manipulate it for frequency transmission. The electric car age hits with a vengeance to save auto industries. We see earthquake disruptions in the U.S.. as well as weird weather. Global Millennials begin the change that is needed with new innovations . The massive pedophilia rings in Hollywood, and Washington dc shows its head in the media as more get caught. This is the year public begins to scrutinize lobby industry, eyeing corporation involvement into making law, and begin looking to change laws on a bigger level. Government, and corporations try to control internet more, and more globally (public fights back). VAT taxes come into play as government cant collect taxes on digital money. Antarctica opens up for business.

Hope you enjoyed
Remember live well and love as much as you can.


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"The weapons industry along with big governments continue making up enemies for profit."

Oh my God!!! I didn't know! :-)

Yes, 2018 may be the year to be discussed in future classes. School history, economics, psychology classes etc...


i agree

You're crazy @cowboyinvestor and that's why i like you......upvoted and followed

I think you are on to something. It makes sense to me. - Thanks.

protect your bitcoin and your privacy

OK cowboy investor...I'm sure have have a "fine trac record..." now write this down....2018 ? the year of the Crypto massacre. the year of large equity market declines and strong precious metal upswing...we'll see who's right.


I disagree with crypto massacre, but lets see what happens

I agree!

This is very good!

No prediction for STEEM?


all crypto's will skyrocket.

"Time" is a delusion. "Future" is a mental meta-view in a mindfield. "Past" is buried memory scripted in cryptic neural codes. Thus repetition, continuation, developments & variations are projected from buried "past" psyche into meta "future" mindfield in the EVER PRESENT NOW-HERE. The circus show we call world or cosmos is a Humpty Dumpty disaster in bits & pieces. Thus there are many views from many psyches. The sum total of what REALLY HAPPENS is like in "the days of Noah"! ALL get washed away except 8 in The Ark. The lesson is that we are being tested here in a "world" where "nothing is real" (Lennon). Life Eternal-Infinite has no beginning or ending... our material bodies and worldly riches have beginnings & endings! To graduate from this universe-ity it's necessary to overcome the very powerful mental illusions (future) & delusions (past) that infest our minds.
Eternal Life is one (God).
Satan is dual, split mind (subject-object).
Financial markets are temptations to play games...
Son of Man overturned moneychangers' tables outside The Temple.
Tables & markets will be overturned.
We need to overcome "time" - on which "money" is based - to enter The Temple.
The Temple is where "time" is no more & "money" does not buy entrance (to heaven).
Few enter!
Many get swept away in the waves (Elliot waves & many others).
Life is not dependent on anything that happens in the cosmos.
Do not fear.
The Living Ones let all things play out from their beginnings to their endings...
"Nothing is real" until realised. And then it no longer exists as a separate entity "outside"!
Market games & manipulations are all based on the dualistic (Devilish) belief that things exist as separate entities - objects apart from subjects - and that subjects can then move objects. But as quantum mechanics DEMONstrates in (sacrificial, religious) experiments - the observer affects what is observed. There is no separation of observer-observed!
There is no separation of trader-market!
So buyers&sellers&traders are doing nothing but buying&selling&trading themselves on the market - THE SLAVE MARKET!

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I liked your predictions, Greg, interesting to see if they come to pass.