My Portfolio Predictions/ Targets for 2018 ~ Thoughts?

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A list of tokens I hold and the targets I hope they achieve. Any thoughts on this, which ones have I got completely wrong?

Steem $10
Ethos $18
Qtum $100
Plr $2
Strat $30
Mco $20
Ada $3
Adex $5
Cvc $4
Veri $400
Drgn $35
Xvg $0.40
Ppp $3.50
Iota $5
Mana $0.50
Dent $0.10

By Cotton.


I haven’t heard of half of these coins. How do you select them? Is it pure TA or do you look into the project, read the white paper etc?

No not at all. I know all the projects and have read the whitepapers too. Most of them are on Binance and Bittrex but one or three of them are etherdelta jobs...

This doesn't include two ICOs I went in on sether & storiqa.

very good information days bitcoin rate day by day poor.we should try to up...

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