Cryptweets - IOTA, Microsoft & Bosch in Chicago (@iotatoken)

in bitcoin •  10 months ago


"If you are in Chicago check out the IOTA Data Marketplace meetup with demo and talks by @iotatoken, @Microsoft and @BoschGlobal

See /

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Iota collaboration with Microsoft is what is deiving the price of this undervalued token to astronomical highs.

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Wont it be profitable to convert crypto into some currency with lower market capacity????????? bitcoins are making so mucg progress right now all for what coz it has only 21 million market cap max... if u invest into something into even lower market cap then today or tomorrow u can make way more bitcoin mining is becomng so expensive now that unfortunately people will lose interest i think investing into btc wont be the best option u hv right nw and neither is iota u should go for something like dash monero zcash


I mean I bought IOTA for $.70c last month. There are a number of Alt-Coins out there that will make people shit loads of profit. I like to invest in technologies I am excited about. BTC is great but this is a terrible time to buy it. I dont have any bitcoin and I only do in between selling my SBD to invest in something else. My post doesn't say anthong about buying btc or even IOTA. It is a link to a reason why the price surged last week.


yup thnx buddy....checkout my post on iota too:)