Cryptweets - 30,000 Visa Cards Reserved (@monaco_card)

in bitcoin •  11 months ago


"Over 30,000 Monaco Visa cards have been reserved! Thank you for the support Monaco Community!"

Now is the best time to grab some MCO. With a little pull back happening overnight. Monaco will eventually be the best solution if you want to spend your steem in the real world.

To reserve and recieve a card you need to hold MCO tokens and lock them up for 6 months. This will not only drive the price to astronomical highs but stop you from selling because you can't.

It's a win win!

Also worth a look is tenx.
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haha .. i am at position 28,808 ! like W.T.F !


I am at 28,001 haha. Not bad though. Soon the waiting list will be 500k. Then we are laughing our way to retirement ; )

Lovely, please how can I get one? Thanks


You can download the Monaco App and reserve a card. There is a free version but you need MCO tokens tonreaerve any of the premium cards. Currently the cheapest one is 50MCO which is currently about $550. You het these tokens back after 6 month (probably after aome serious inflation in price). So it is a win win.