The DashCast | Late Night Talk

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The DashCast | Late Night Talk

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👉 Don't invest more than you can afford to lose!
👉 Perform Self Due Diligence!
👉 I am not an Investment Adviser, nor giving any Financial & Legal Advice!
👉 You are 100% responsible for all investment decisions that you make.


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Crypto Tokens Mass Market Adoption

Let's work together to clear up the path that leads to Crypto Tokens Mass Market Adoption...

Some of the topics discussed here, includes:

  • Crypto Tokens (Currency, Infrastructure Tokens, Utility Tokens)
  • Cryptography (PKI, Secure Hashes, Encryption, Signatures)
  • Blockchain, Peer-to-peer Secure Protocols, Programmable Smart Contracts
  • ICO(s) [Reviews/Analysis]
  • Token Matrix, Business Risks Management
  • Exchanges (Decentralized, Centralized)
  • Wallets (Public/Private Addresses)
  • Mining, Masternodes, POS, POW
  • Security Audits, Vulnerabilities, Pen Testing, Secure echo system

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

TREZOR - The secure hardware wallet

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