Rialto Teams up With Bittrex for Digital Securities Trading Platform

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From CCN

Alternative Trading System (ATS) provider Rialto Trading announced today, Aug. 23, that it is partnering with cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex to create a trading platform for blockchain-based securities, pending regulatory approval.

Combining Specializations
Rialto, which presently offers its users a regulated ATS for trading fixed income products, is seeking permission from regulators to extend its ATS services into the digital securities space. To this end, communication with regulators alongside Bittrex is ongoing.

The proposed digital securities platform with bring together Bittrex’s experience with cryptocurrency trading, digital wallets, cybersecurit, and blockchain technology with Rialto’s experience with securities, and its licensed broker-dealer ATS.

The two companies will merge their specializations to create a comprehensive securities platform, offering fiat trading for digital securities, trading, placement, issuance advisory and custody services.

Speaking after the announcement, Rialto Trading CEO Shari Noonan expressed excitement at the prospect of being able to offer an expanded service offering to clients via the new partnership.

She said:

“We are excited to share Rialto’s expertise in building networks and trading solutions in the regulated securities industry to develop this new venture in partnership with Bittrex. By working together, we’ll be able to expand our current client offerings to not only include digital securities, but also provide them access to a globally advanced and reliable trading platform.”

Read more: https://www.ccn.com/rialto-teams-up-with-bittrex-for-digital-securities-trading-platform/

This could possibly be one of the worst days to announce a partnership regarding crypto based securities right after the SEC just smacked down the Bitcoin ETF. On the brightside though maybe they can help lobby the politicians to rally around crypto.

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Security is paramount... We're hoping for approval🔥

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