Cryptohomie Who Spent Almost $150,000 on Altcoins Sees 85% Loss

in bitcoin •  3 months ago

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On Monday, Reddit user “Cryptohomie,” a 32-year-old living in Abu Dhabi, UAE, posted a photo of his bank repayment schedule to the cryptocurrency subreddit, according to

The photo shows a document from Emirates Islamic Bank that lists monthly repayments of 8,194 dirham ($3,067) until December 14, 2021. The original loan is listed as 338,000 dirham ($126,500) with a total outstanding amount of 393,296 dirham ($147,200) including interest.

“Here is my bank installment related to the loan I took to invest in crypto,” Cryptohomie wrote. “Still three-and-a-half years to go until I’m freed. Until then, I’m working for nothing and I’m at 85 per cent loss. I hope it gives you a lesson.”

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I don't know about you but this makes me feel a bit better about 2018's losses on my crypto portfolio. Luckily I've been hodling and mining for awhile and didn't jump in during 2017 and ended up paying all time high prices. I still see new all time highs in our future so I'm going to carry on accumulating and hodling.

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85% loss is a lot on the paper, I would not like to be in his position!

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It will be very interesting to revisit this at the end of the loan, depending on which projects he invested, I wouldn't be surprised if he comes out at least breaking even.

It seems someone always has it worse, we don’t need to look too far for it