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5.3.18 Monday:
• Ethereum Classic (ETC) is undertaking its Callisto airdrop.
• Cardan (ADA) has a roadmap release scheduled.
• Electroneum ETN is launching its lightweight mobile miner.
• Blockmason credit protocol is launching its LNDR App.
• In Israel, there is a Fintech week in Tel Aviv with presentations by Stellar (XLM) and Smartlands (SLT).
• The Canadian FinTech and Funding Conference is on March 5 & 6 in Toronto with presentations by AION (AION), U.CASH (UCASH) and PolyMath (POLY).
• In South Korea, Seoul the D10E Blockchain conference is on.
• While in Cape Town the Block&Coin Summit and Seamless conventions are both occurring.

6.3.18 Tuesday:
• Leviar Coin (XLC) is executing a fork at block 325000.
• The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Bangkok and Finovate London both open their doors.
• While the Washington DC the blockchain summit also starts with presentations from Qtum (QTUM) and Rivitz (RVT).

7.3.18 Wednesday:
• Bitconnect (BCC) is being delisted from Livecoin Exchange.
• In Vietnam the massive Blockchain Week opens with presentations from Cardano (ADA), Nem (XEM), Decent (DCT), Maecenas (ART), First Blood (1st), DigiX (DGD), Z Coin (XZC), AChain (ACT) and Neo (NEO).

8.3.18 Thursday:
• Waves (WAVES) is releasing its updated token launcher.
• Pura (PURA) is releasing Aurora.
• The Blockchain Africa Conference in Johannesburg starts with presentations from Telcoin (TEL), Hedge (HDG), Ripple (XRP) and Aion (AION).

9.3.18 Friday:
• 1st blood (1st) and MaidSafe (MAID) are both being delisted on Bittrex Exchange.
• OK Cash (OK) Is halving its staking reward on block 1,523,771.
• Feathercoin (FTC) is transitioning to Segwit on block 2,120;000.
• The Moinblockchain conference in Hamburg opens with IOTA (MIOTA) and Gnosis (GNO) both giving presentations.

10.3.18 Saturday:
• Buzzcoin (BUZZ) is releasing its white paper.
• WandX (WAND) is releasing its basket trading protocol.
• Link (LNK) is launching its main net.
• Growers wallet international (GRWI) will be launching their new website.
• Denver’s first Day For Crypto conference starts with presentations from Salt (SALT), Polymath (POLY), Metal (MTL), and Locicoin (LOCI).
• The crypto Investor show in London also begins and has presentations from Bancor (BNT), Shipchain (SHIP) and Zencash (ZEN).

11.3.18 Sunday:
• Simple Token (OST) Releases their OST KIT⍺.

12.3.18 Monday:
• Origin Trail (TRAC) is releasing the latest iteration of Luna (0.3a).
• Crown (CRW) is releasing a new Masternode implementation.
• Blue (BLUE) will be releasing a roadmap and whitepaper updates.
• The Money Live Conference in Amsterdam also being today.

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