Bitcoin Investment Trust closing in on BTC $10,000!

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I woke up this morning and I was very excited to see the price of Bitcoin rallying over $6600, however when I checked out the price of Bitcoin on the stock market I was ecstatic, according to E*Trade the price of 1 Bitcoin was around $9000, and closing the gap on that BTC $10,000!


I have had success adding Bitcoin exposure to my trading account, as well as my retirement account by buying Bitcoin on the stock market through the Bitcoin Investment Trust, which trades by the symbol GBTC. Here is a portfolio update, the GBTC and other Bitcoin related stocks are highlighted in green.


What is going on with the price now?

The price is very strong, however I would not be surprised to see a dip. I have used a fibonacci retracement to show what a dip would most likely look like if it happened from here!


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That's an amazing post sir. I think the price of bitcoin will go more high i have hold my my bitcoin tight for future.

That would be a great review friend! Yeah BTC price might drop back! It goes too high for this session! You analysed it well! Great analysis friend!


excellent analysis of the current btc trend. impressive work @coininstant


Wow!!! huge news you sharing to the steemit community @coininstant.
The price of 1 Bitcoin was around $9000, nearly $10000 level. BTC has volume in trade market. Its always rise up prices, probably drop down little bit. We`ll hopefully waiting price might be increase.
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I was very excited to see this news from you. You are nicely analysed bitcoin price.The price is very powerful and grow up very earlier. We can trust bitcoin investment now and in future.

@coininstant - Sir I'm hodl few BTC....according to your analysis I want to be more careful... thank you Sir... This is a very useful article for me <3
To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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Bitcoin operates like a high level. In the coming time, there will be only bitcoin. Plan is good.

Price of bitcoin...rising so high...
Thank's for sharing this news
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hah ........... amazing ... !!! are you sure bitcoin will be up to $ 10,000 sir @coininstant?

holding and investing gaining insteres is the best way.

Good post! Good visual content, good statistics!

$10K its achievable now before the end of the year :D

I realy like your post...
I know and I always trust btc...I think btc can change my future...
And I always wish and hope it...
@coininstant thank you so much sharing this great story...

Yes bro Bitcoin price big price

Bitcoin is Unstoppable

It is indeed gonna go Higher but not sure what is gonna happen after the fork
It might get worse or even higher ,Only time can tell

Amazing post..

good analisys @coininstant