Big Bitcoin Dips Again! - Gap Fill Trade to $9130!!😱😱😱

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Which Way is Bitcoin going?

I guess my Google Trends analysis from my recent post was correct, everything Bitcoin was going down!!!! Bitcoin dropped to near $8500 this afternoon leaving traders with another big Gap to fill in the CME Chart.

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 3.54.51 PM.png Bitcoin: Down means up & up means down!!

Bitcoin Gap Fill?

Whether we fill this Gap now or later is unknown, but if we bounce from this area we should expect see $9130 gap fill.
IMG_8302.jpg Here we go again... How Low do you think BTC will go???

Screen Shot 20200524 at 2.50.15 PM.png

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Bought some on the dip.

@coininstant, Bitcoin is Dynamic and Unpredictable Engine of Cryptocurrency Space. Stay blessed.

Yeah I'm just going to DCA convert this all to bitcoin at whatever price and hodl, idK! If STEEMIT fixes it's ways I will come back easy! Bitcoin sway better than these coins, capped supply vs uncapped utility! I will use these coins to milk my btc!

Good luck with your Strategy. Stay blessed.

thank you for an interesting analysis

Bitcoin is declining every day

YES that's why I will buy and cost average, accumulate a lot of coins that way! Better than waiting for it to go up every day, never know when it will turn around!! It has been coming back ever since $3800, it goes up and down!!

Thank you very much for the information

Saludos @coininstant, estas en lo cierto, y al parecer vienen tiempos más duros, bueno ese es la opinión de varios economistas.

To see your Google CME chart Bitcoin is down. I think that because Steem is down. But i don't know what is the right reason. Thanks

Yeah it's always STEEM's fault lately! Whenever there is bad news in crypto Bitcoin takes the hit too! Every time i'm doing ok here on steem something happens, not surprising any more!

Hello @coinstant. Thank you for keeping us up to date with this information.
Hola @coininstant. Gracias por mantenernos al día con esta información.

You could also say it's a restart... The economy is reviving and we will most likely see it go up in the next few days.

También se podría decir que es un reinicio… La economía se está reactivando y lo más probable es que veamos como sube en los próximos días.

Good Luck!!

Thanks for visit and up vote my post, have a nice day, cheers.

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