How to send Bitcoin to ANYONE via ✉️ Email or 📱 SMS

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🎬 Video Tutorial on how to send Bitcoin and 150 other cryptocurrencies via Email or SMS!

💡 The receiver doesn't need to have a crypto wallet!

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First time I hear about latoken, thanks for sharing @coincado

Thanks buddy, you should give them a try they have a lot of low cap altcoins 👍

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Thanks for the upvote @followforupvotes 💚

Hi @coincado do all NEP5 tokens on latoken have zero transaction fees? If yes, I will check them out.

Yes all of them, which is great for NEO enthusiasts like me 😉 Bitcoin and Ethereum Tokens have a small transaction fee.

Clever way to send crypto to people who don't have a wallet yet or don't know how to use it 😆

Exactly! Also a great thing is that they don't even need to go through any KYC or 2FA before they can access the funds you sent them 👍