Hdx exchange get free coins

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Hey guys i just got 20 free coins for signing up with this new exchange HDX exchange.


Im just sharing some information. This is not financial advice.

I believe they will even pay you in bitcoin.

If you sign up please use my referal code:


This looks really good so you get the exchanges own coin? Like binance and huobi have their own coins? Could be very profitable...
Thanks for sharing

Yes lets see, You opened my eyes to the airdrops

That's cool. Some are really good, definitely worth looking out for them. I haven't done it yet but I'll sign up for these and use your referral mate.

Thank you Tom for the support. Also I believe these are exchange coins. Similar to the one you told me about. Alot of value in the exchange coins.
When are you coming back bro?? Enjoy your vaca.

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