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Hello community!

Today I show you a relatively unknown rapper who rapps about his first BTC investment and how it changed his life.

In the bear market phase I love to listen to this song for keeping me motivated to put every mounth even more money in the crypto game!

Let me know in the comments what you think about his song Bitcoin Ca$h :)


this will be my new soundtrack

Deep shit, got me motivated to write a post

:) i love the power in his voice and his addlips

Много е красиво бих поживял за малко там.

In english pls?^^

Kapisko solo Italiano.

Kapisko solo Italiano midispiache.

Is it a house or another?The house is very beautiful It seems that a lot of money is spent to build the house

Yes it looks like that. he has got the bitcoin ca$h :)

I work at Bitcoin Cash I have some bitcoin cash But I believe that the price may be lower in the future

I dont know honestly, but I also think when the lightningnetwork is online, there won‘t be anymore a reason for the BCH. The only good thing on BCH is the cheaper transactions?

Hello, I show you a relatively unknown rapper who rapps about his first btc

really? you too?^^ send me the link :P

I actually talked to this guy on FB over messenger when his first track had like 3,000 plays I started a drawing of him even lmao

Lol really? What is your favorite song? Show us your drawing haha :D

Lmao dont judge too much I gotta finish it 😂
Cleaning up 😂


hahaha the hair are insane, I love it >.<
For me it's also cleaning up and bitcoinca$h, but I like all of his songs I heared until now^^

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