I earned $395 of BTC from Celsius. You can get $100 - $650 FREE BTC for transferring crypto and keeping it there for 30 days

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This is BTC I have earned over a few months just for being a client with Celsius and using some of their bonuses.


Almost sounds like one of these too good to be true, but it worked for me. Please confirm for yourself that Celsius is a top 100 crypto and that they already have over 20 Billions worth of dollars under management. I would use them even if there was no sign up bonus, as I can get interest on the crypto and stable coins I hold there. If you are interested, why not get an additional 100 USD worth of BTC, though?

Here's the process:

Step 1: Create an account with my referral code / link below Use my referral code 1590122d9e or the link below for $50 free BTC on a $400 deposit: https://celsiusnetwork.app.link/1590122d9e Please double check that the referral code is there when signing up, as it can bug out on the app and have to be input manually.

Step 2: Enter the one of the below promo codes below After signing up, go to profile > promo, and enter either code below.

Transfer $50 or more in USDC or USDT to your Celsius account and receive $10 in BTC.

Transfer $200 or more in USDC or USDT to your Celsius account and receive $50 in BTC.

Transfer $25,000 or more in USDC or USDT to your Celsius account and receive $600 in BTC.

Step 3: Make a deposit Deposits and their rewards: - A deposit of 600 USDC or USDT will yield a $100 BTC reward.

Get $40 worth of ADA. Follow the steps below:
Click on your profile in the top right corner
Click "Promo Codes" and insert "ADA40"
Go to "Recieve coins" and copy your Cardano (ADA) address and send for min. $400 ADA.

You will now receive $40 ADA once your holdings have been on Celsius for min. 30 days. You can read more here https://celsius.network/cardano?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=posts&utm_campaign=cardano&utm_id=social_id

Remember to keep your crypto there for a month and you can then take out your crypto plus newly awarded bonus. Or keep them there and earn interest. That's what I do.


Great Post Keep it up. if you haven't get the free steem prize, worth atlast $400 based on your steem profile reputation you should get it ASAP, Maybe few days left for their airdrop. sign in with your steem account to claim it here: Get Free STEEM NOW

It seems dodgy to have to lock in with master keys, though?

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