WannaCry Some More? Petya virus ransomware in Bitcoin

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

A new virus similar to WannaCry wreak havoc in Russia and Ukraine. The computers in these countries are locked after the attacks of ransomware. According to local news stations, Petya virus locks computers and asks redemptions worth 300 Bitcoin to decrypt their data.

"The malware blocks access to computers and requires a payment of 300 Bitcoin," said company Group-IB specialists Russian news agency RIA Novosti. "The attack took place at around 2 PM. Judging from photographs, it is the cryptolocker [ransomware] Petya. The way it is spreading through local networks is similar to the WannaCry virus."

WannaCry attacks caused havoc worldwide in May after employees were locked out of computers in a range of locations. Employees of companies and computer users could not access their PCs after the virus attacked 250,000 computers in over 150 countries.

The attacks have exposed old equipment and serious security breaches of many companies and large institutions. Among the victims was also the National Health Service in the UK as yet had not abandoned the use of Windows XP. Even the network of ATM's in India was feared to be a likely target. The virus has already claimed major Russian prizes such as gas giants, as well as Ukrainian postal service.

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