The rewards are allocated so that 75% of the payout goes to the author of the post/comment, and 25% goes to the curator.
Of the 25% that goes to the curator, that portion will be split between the author and the curator if the curator votes within the first 30 minutes. The split of the 25% between the author and curator during the first 30 minutes is calculated linearly based on the time the vote is cast.
• If a post is upvoted the moment of posting, 100% of the curation reward goes to the author.
• At 3 minutes, 90% goes to the author and 10% to the curator.
• At 15 minutes, it's a 50/50 split.
• At 27 minutes, 10% goes to the author and 90% to the curator.
• If a post is upvoted 30 min after posting, 100% of the curation reward goes to the curator.

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