Alternate cryptocurrencies {WHAT DOES C STAND FOR???}

in bitcoin •  last year

Have you ever dreamt of making lots of money through airdrops / cryptos and ICO?? now your dream just became reality with lots of added advantages,first of all ,have you ever heard of a bounty of 15 whole BITCOINS?? Yes BITCOIN the very bitcoins that the price is racing to $15,000 and above before the End of this year, May the king of cryptos fall on us all ,everyone wants to know what this expensively sexy black and yellow C stands for? some say it stands for CRYPTO, some say CASH who even knows if it stands for CHUXLOUIS don't worry just Man up and show on that date which date?? Jan 31st, 2018 the C will be unveiled but till then i will always be here to educate you on how to key in and be part of this life changing project , just click on the link ANN thread: … Bounty thread: and be part of this life changing opportunity please do not miss it.


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