Crypto Whales Explode: $596 Million in Bitcoin on the Move

in bitcoin •  last month  (edited)

Found a piece today on a single Bitcoin Whale moving over $330 Million in bitcoin, on individual moved that much math states at the time it was 47,000 Bitcoin!! That is insane. Bitcoin whales are moving massive amounts of BTC in the volatile Cryptocurrency market. As Bitcoin shot above $7,400 and then back down to around $6,900, whales moved a staggering 86,140 BTC worth about $596 million.

Out of the 20 biggest transactions in the last 24 hours, only two involved a transfer of BTC from an unknown wallet to a BTC exchange.

Instead, most whales moved their assets off of BTC exchanges or from one unknown wallet to another. The movements indicate that overall, traders with large amounts of Bitcoin continue to hold on and are not looking to sell.

That is insane if you really stop and think about it. This Day is moving the coin forward. Hitting over $7,400 from the low $3,000's. Anybody reading this I can still hold my truth to be Bitcoin over $50,000 a pop.

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Looks like the next bull market and massive bubble run-up may be upon us. What do you think? It's interesting that so many who hold BTC refuse to sell much. That creates a nice bid under BTC. Tens of billions of USD have flowed into this asset class in a matter of days. And this is BEFORE Fidelity Digital Assets has even begun trading! Image what the flow of institutional "smart money" might bring!

Good Luck with WEED ~ !