JP Morgan slanders Bitcoin as Laundering Fraud: Then Buys A Shirtload When It Dropped 😦

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You still trust your banks?

In fact, a few days after the CEO of JP-Morgan, Jamie Dimon labeled Bitcoin as a "fraud", JP-Morgan bought and then sold the XBT instrument.

You can clearly see these trades on Sweden's Nordbank website.

They purchased the “Bitcoin Tracker One” product, which is the first bitcoin tracking product to operate on a regulated exchange. The instrument is provided by XBT Provider AB.

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This following analytical data from a Crypto broker clearly shows JPMorgan buying shares in Bitcoin:



But several days before the Bitcoin buying, JPMorgan's CEO James Dimon released the following statement:


But the sad truth about our governmenment is shown with the meme below


Infact, the graph shown below highlights Dimon's historic statements concerning Bitcoin, he always tries to disprove Bitcoin, while making the bank from buying it!


Banks Can't Resist!

The possible gains from Crypto trading when compared to traditional investments such as gold are massive.

When the news says gold's value increase from $50 to $100 they are laughing but when you buy an altcoin it can increase 100% per day and larger coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash can swing 20-30% daily.

The lack of liquidity is what causes the volatility. This volatility is what traders love, the possibilities are endless.


The crypto market cap is relatively small in comparison to multi-billion dollar assets which institutions control. It is believed that investments like these should not be sanctioned by the major institutions.

But as you all now know, the impulses of con men, along with their scammers for hire were used when Jamie Dimon scares us all in the market. These are the same "men" who allow the banks to turn a blind eye to illegal transactions.

What do you think Dimon intened? What's happening to Bitcoin?

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Of course, the banks want in on cheaper price cause they know they will be out of business in the long-term when cryptos get huge.

Of course, they are seeing buying Bitcoin as the best investment available, be careful everyone, the monetary system is up to no good again!

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Great post 👍 This is typical of the elites, they will bash it but invest anyways because at the end of the day it makes Looks so hypocritical....😁

Thank you @mickolas13, glad I'm not the only one who sees the ridicoulousness of it all!

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Banks are assholes 👍

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Jamie 'Legs' Dimon is such a douche.
Nothing surprises me with that dirtbag anymore, he's been doing the same shit in the gold and silver market for years. Why anyone would trust that twat with their money is beyond me.

Great comment @tremendospercy, don't trust the banks ever, that's my 2 cents 👍

A bunch of liars and thieves the lot of them! He is just trying to bring the price down so he can acquire more of it. The banks know that their own system is a ponzi scheme that can't last much longer and they are looking for ways to continue profiting when their federal reserve scam runs it's course.

This is the end game plan, many don't see but this will happen.

Thanks for providing us with your perspective 😀

The B in Bitcoin is a 13 this is a post I wrote on it a week ago. We need to be careful just because news is posted about JP Morgan finding Bitcoin a threat doesn't mean it isn't planted news. Not saying you are anything to do with it. But I am suspicious now I can see the symbols of the illuminati/freemasons

I don't see how the B being 13 changing anything? Thanks for commenting 😜

He is telling the truth. He wants people to know who always involve in money laundering .