Bitcoin’s Behavior after Futures Launch

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Bitcoin keeps standing on the verge of tremendous changes that will affect the whole crypto industry. On December 10, the Bitcoin futures were launched on CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange), and on CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) on December 18. Futures trading enables institutional investors to bet for or hedge against the Bitcoin rates. However, the future of the largest cryptocurrency in the world remains unpredictable since its rate keeps swinging. In these historic times, we would like to tell you about what’s going on in quite simple words.

What actually are the futures?

This paragraph is special for all those are not well accustomed to trading basics but want to look into what’s going on. Let’s imagine you produce wheat. So you conclude a contract with a brewer according to which you sell him or her your wheat at a fixed price within a fixed period of time in future. This contract protects your next season harvest from price dropping and guarantees your buyer the contract fulfillment regardless of current circumstances on the market. Likewise, Bitcoin futures will determine the crypto rate behavior in short and long terms. This will help make Bitcoin less volatile and more appealing for mass adoption. Once futures contract is concluded, it can be bought or sold on the market allowing to bet on the price of futures. Note that this is not trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. You cannot do it anonymously.

Up or down?

There are two controversial forecasts about Bitcoin price behavior after futures trading is launched. Some analysts consider Bitcoin overestimated and predict its crashing. On the other hand, there is plenty of facts arguing for the subsequent soaring.

Bubble theory vs. Wall Street bulls

Is Bitcoin a bubble which will burst? Some market specialists and governors admit that don’t even know how to valuate Bitcoin, ince the coin is not linked to any shares or property, it is not governed by anyone and rather indicates speculation. Especially, considering the fact that CBOE bases initial rates strictly on Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange of Winklevoss twins. Without these fundamentals, as supposed, the Bitcoin rate is more likely to dramatically drop, once the futures are rolled out.
Contrary, the Wall Street bulls are more optimistic. They see Bitcoin as a revolutionary payment method that will change the whole monetary system, just like Airbnb, Uber and other disruptive innovators. In fact, Bitcoin’s adoption is already growing by becoming a payment method in a range of countries, such as Japan. It’s good to remember that Bitcoin is a pioneer blockchain-based currency. The technology gained mass interest since it made middlemen totally useless for transferring funds.

To trade or not to trade?

That is the question to your personal beliefs rather than rough analytics. Currently, the rate keeps rising, buy yet nobody can predict what is going to happen to Bitcoin or Bitcoin futures tomorrow. Still, the situation is unclear, as institutional investors are likely playing the waiting game, so far. Some trading companies admit that the Bitcoin rate will keep growing for a while and then start depending on players on the market.

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I got an email today stating that changelly wants to refund me depreciated BTC instead of doing the right thing and sending me my 1303 steem from my transaction. I’m not accepting depreciated BTC as a refund. My transaction shows it was completed and Changelly accepted my BTC. It was the output hash error for my steem that failed which means it was a failure on Changelly end. You need to send me my 1303 STEEM to my steemit wallet immediately. My STEEMIT account is evoman1

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@changelly Is not reponding to my ticket also.
I'm waiting from last 10 days , even after sending countless mails to them they are not responding and not completing my transaction.


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Edit, I need to remove personal info from screenshot

Changelly screenshot (2).jpg

Edit-new image

There, I think I finally managed to post the screenshot of the Changelly transaction. 700 pivx is roughly 7000 Usd.


well done jerry. my friend @mcfarhat tried to exchange about 19 SBD and still didn't get them back . he tried to contact the support and there were no answer thats why we wanted to ask for your help Jerry.

i think i am not the only one here
you replayed to my ticket and i have asked to push the transaction manually but nothing yet !!!!

so what are you going to do about this @changelly


The same thing is happening to me.
I send them 13 sbd for steem and waiting from last 10 day 😵😵😵
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i hope that they will fix that


still waiting on a refund for over 10 days now. Their support is just too slow and keeps running in circles !


we have already lost a lot in value @mcfarhat ;)


I know man, that is just terrible.
Yet finally i got my SBD refund from them yesterday. Keep following up

I still can't get my SBD back. Transaction failed on 30 Nov 2017. And Still Waiting my refund.

@changelly we hope to return the SBD and STEEM to your market.

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Why would it be too difficult for you to refund 19.3 SBD via steemit with instantaneous send and no fees?

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dear brother hope they will solve this proplem. soon. I am really sorry for what happened to you.


Thank you khaled, they are yet to provide a refund !

I am now a big believer of holding rather than trading. I am getting diced up in the swift up turns and down turns all all coins. Very difficult to time right, but if I had for a huge move up, like over 100% that would be the better than always looking at the screen for small upticks.

@changelly after i was charged 0.00097445 BTC (about 16 USD) - and also 20% of the total fee of 0.00446231 BTC charged on that TX ID - as a tx fee for sending 0.01489101 BTC to my wallet which case i was to receive 0.01391656 BTC (about 231 USD) my transaction has not been confirmed yet and it's almost 24 hours.

INPUT TRANSACTION HASH a14425e5fec4038339c65b459a864dabd598be17
MONEY RECEIVED 19 Dec 2017, 22:13:39
FEE 0.00097445 BTC
EXCHANGE RATE 1 SBD = 0.00069932 BTC
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AMOUNT 0.01391656 BTC
MONEY SENT 19 Dec 2017, 23:37:45

kindly do something about it like cpfp or rbf or doublespend to correct this error as i need to use the BTC urgently

TRANSACTION # 62ae626134f6

This transaction failed. Can you push it through or refund it PLEASE.


Finally got at least some kind of funds... had the LTC refunded to a different wallet

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