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@chainstudy no matter what happens I will HODL my crypto and also add to my Silver.


Stack that silver! It's a great hedge if you ask me.

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l only have bitcoin

BITCOIN Transactions are too slow really needs a upgrade...

Segwit2x futures, SMH. Sorry dude.

it got cancelled

😍A very informative post. Great job. Keep it up! 😍
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Shame to see this was removed. Why? I'm a big believer in transparency - especially when it comes to investment advice. Even though Segwit2x is no longer happening, it would have been great to see your views and thoughts.

Why ? Will bitcoin gold come ?




no, he will soon leave the market

Bye Segwit2X!

Good read. I learned a lot of things I don't know before.

another Segwit will be coming again, but worth of btc will be not affected.


it a bluff. No way can that group have 30% hashpower

you can still keep it.. to understand the history of cryptos

long live decentralization

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I am still new to steemit, I want to learn the different methods they use to cure and increase stem power even though I do not understand

Guys there's something really cool going on RIGHT NOW

It's not a spam, it's a gift strategy and you can thank me later.
Since I wrote it it's another 15% up.

How big can Steemit actually get?
This is a question most of us have asked, i think it is safe to say that the majoriy of us see the potential Steemit has and therefore expect it to grow exponentially, i took a look at some numbers of social media sites like facebook and other social media platforms. The market is huge, im talking billions of users.

Facebook and Tumblr combined have a little over 2.5 Billion monthly users, most of us jumped right on Steemit from the moment we heard about it, why wouldn't you. I think that most people will, so in my opinion it's just a matter of time before alteast 5% of the users of Facebook and Tumblr will flock to Steemit.

If the 5% actually do cross over it will mean Steemit would have an extra 126 million users!

And in what kind of timeframe should we be thinking?
As you can see social media platforms grew super fast compared to tradional media, it think this will only get faster and faster. Everybody is more connected then ever , the devolpment of platforms and technology is at an alltime high so maybe Steemit wil grow even faster and bigger!

I certainly think its a good possibility and expect massive growth, what do you think? do you also think its going to pick up steem? let me know in the comments!

Upvote & Comments are much appreciated!

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Why did you remove it?


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