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"From My Apartment Stunning View Of The Gold Coast"
"Hello World"


As an Entrepreneur, I had to learn the most unprecedented way of living, today I love where I live, how I live, and the enjoyment of being with my family how we spend our time is entirely up to us, not work, or bosses. (Be your own Boss)

a Cryptopreneur Monday to Friday I am awake around 02:30 am, getting ready for my early morning "Batman Run" as I call it. I jog a steady pace under 12 kilometres two day, three day, four day, and five-day patterns due to flat feet I tend to get painful splints. Am I a fitness fanatic? Far from it. In life, I believe balance is the essence of living, and I must thank God for keeping me on that balance. Now in my forties, the pinnacle of my new ventures has begun, as each decade passes it reflects on my success and my failures.

I will tell you that life is how you think it is; if it's going to be a sad day, it will be a sad day. If you think it's going to be a good day, it will end up being a good day. My thoughts are an endless battle but at the end positive always wins.
My business is a full-time non-profit independent business online, and I enjoy it. I believe the future of digital employment is the new economy of work for the twenty-first century and beyond. I follow every minute of the day new possibilities; I find it exciting when I come across new start-up companies, and its new prospects it has to offer to the world interests me all the time.

Before all this, I was a blue collar worker in civil construction, and before that, I had been a salesman, mini bar attendant, waiter, bartender, removalist, cleaner, security, network marketing, a truck driver, Macdonald's worker, university student, Muay Thai fighter and much more. I believe life skills determine your path in life! For me, it had offered many opportunities. I am a diverse kind of guy, not the person to stay loyal to work as I knew in myself, I was better than the yesterday me.
"My Family Getaway"
I have resided in Queensland, Australia nearly two decades, and the abundant of self-determination to become an Entrepreneur was what I wanted to be in the first place. I knew the journey was going to be a tough and a single fight to the top a decade and a half ago. I believed the Entrepreneurial mindset kicked in. Did it start off smooth for me? Zero knowledge of what I wanted to do, or who to connect with to get me going. It was possibly the hardest four years of my life; many would have quit by now, but persistence and a driven hunger made me more ambitious to seek more knowledge.

Being online since the web made its existence in 1991, MSN (Internet Explorer) had my first computer in 1988 (Commodore computer) which I found my love and connection to the digital industry. As a Generation X, we had the biggest head start of any generation. We were called the latchkey kids of the 80's meaning, not so much adult supervision.

Which, I believe got me my first job as a ragbag collector from the age of eleven. Earning a hundred and sixty bucks for thirty-five hours a week, five hours after school and ten hours a day on Saturdays. The beginning of my character such a long-time ago, a very bumpy roller coaster ever since, but one I have enjoyed every day.
Bitcoin Investor2.png
One thing I learned is to always, have self-respect, have instinct, and to pursue what you want in life, not what others wanted you to do. My time working for companies, bosses, and workers was good, but good was not going to cut the mustard... I was a little too smart as I was the kind of worker to work fast, reliable, and a mind full of innovation, sometimes it got me to management or a leading hand position, but in this world, it was the only highest position I was ever going to be nothing more. Some old bosses despised me, once set projects were complete my job contract ended, and I was back on the employment train looking for another job. Once the big projects dried up work in my experience and with qualified tickets, meant nothing. It meant that I was on labour hire which was work one day none the next projects were three weeks or less and then looking for more work again.

GFC 2008.png

So finally a break come through a few months before my son was to be born. An old online friend a classy Entrepreneur from the US sent me a link... hey take a look at this? I asked what it was? He said this could be the business you have been looking for!. Bitcoin a new monetary system with peer 2 peer cryptocurrency? He told me you know P2P right. I said sure it was sharing files which got me music and movie files I have been downloading since 1998.

He said yes that's it, but the difference is money. Still did not have a clue as it was jargon and a geeks paradise full of writing code which was not me. I let it go for a couple of months my son was born, and work had dried up for me. Sick and tired of the short-term work made me move out of my comfort zone and begin to use my ingenuity to pursue what the internet had to offer.
"Dollar Vigilante with Jeff Berwick is The Best Connection to join Bitcoin as a Noob"
Bitcoin Trillion Dollar Industry.png
I have been contacted again and asked if I wanted in? Bitcoin I knew I had read up on how this was going to move the digital world into a monetary system. Still did not have a clue as it was more code than simplicity which is what I was looking for simplicity not technical. I knew in the future this could change the way we spend money, so I took a punt and bought in on Bitcoin in 2010. At the time I thought could this mean another risk had I lost my money? I kept active for some time then fell out, after seeing the ups and downs of Bitcoin.

Later, I was shown a way to save my Bitcoin offline called cold storage. To this present day, it is still offline the first seeds of my BTC... and will stay till it values extremely. 2011-2014 I saw a tonne of excellent opportunity and some that had scammed me out of money which I knew if I didn't do proper research next time I would be a walking disaster.

"The Most Secure Way For Cryptocurrency Is Cold Storage"
Bitcoin Ledger Cold Storage.png


So that is what I did research, and lots of it kept me clear away from these imbeciles. Today I have invested in cryptocurrencies, and three ICO's which I know these are the stepping stones and have required the highest of 50,000 coins in one cryptocurrency. But the best I love about this technology is its decentralized capacity and zero to little transaction fees. With an anonymous amount of e-wallets, I can move my source of digital currency with little to zero cost. My buys and wares are brought online opening up my very own financial accounts away from the bank's debt free. I love to live normal and having these financial sources safely away from thieves is a life I enjoy waking up to every day. Private keys are your access to your financial provisions safely.. never lose them keep them in a paper wallet stored away from prying eyes always.

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