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If I think well and how the value of bitcoin has evolved, I think YES, the question is when this will happen.

As you know these moments are critical to the whole world Crypto not only for Bitcoin, the chances of everything going well are very big but if you are very curious and want to be connected with what happens and when I I know something useful.

If this Hard Fork is going to happen, the price of Bitcoin will grow enormously, that's my opinion, and of course, steem will increase also to the Moon, so take advantage of this period and relax because everything will be ok, VERY OK.

I suggest 2 websites where you will see how Hard Thing go live.

I upload this picture from mobile so it will be very long:)

Image source https://coin.dance/blocks

Another great website with live stats: https://www.xbt.eu/


Sure it will :)

I know it will and maybe it will be in less time than we think.

10k will be arrived next year at the same time...

If all do well maybe it will be faster but who knows, we will see.

I have no idea what is that means. But i do know the Btc will have the HF which may affecting the other crypto. I do hoping the same that things will go smooth and thw price is roccketing to the moon. 😃
we all be happy.

I don't know too much either about what is happening now but for my knowledge they already try to start the hard fork, many pools start to mine on BIP91 and when they mine more than 80% and the period ends the bip91 is lock in. Is too complicated for me to understand but i am curious to see how it will go.

yes me too. because staying in this site also depends on the price of the crypto. so hoping for the best. 😃

You have perfectly right here @ekavieka but crypto will survive and we will become stronger after this ... let's hope :)

Yes, Hope it will be.

It will just relax and you will see, it is impossible to not be like that

Nice info and bitcoin should increase more than $10,000

Maybe he will go to 1 mil who knows, nothing is impossible in crypto.

Ask clif high. But yes. Soon.

After the Hard Thing, it will start to rise

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