Steemians the website Bitminer, a bitcoin faucet has begun to start showing itself to be a scam

in bitcoin •  2 years ago


Steemians do any of you use the bitcoin website ?

Recently I've sent yet another email to the website owner of regarding my several pay outs that were for some reason cancelled, and the other have been pending for some time the image below

If you look at the bottom right hand corner of the screen shot you'll notice some say cancelled ( Which I'm not even sure why) and then some say pending, the cancelled ones said pending before they moved in to the cancelled state. with this said I felt the need to begin emailing support and below you will see what I got from their support.
This is a screenshot of one of the first email complaints.
after the second reply I did e-mail once more before realizing the same thing was being sent as a reply to me each time, in which case I figured out it was a bot.

Fellow Steemians the pictures and data above that I've shown you is my end result with, if any of you have had success with this website please comment and let me know. Thanks for reading my post.


Images above are from the Bitminer website
Images through out my post are from my L3 Stylo

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With a rise in Bitcoin prices , a lot of scamming is starting to occur as well , people just want to hustle people as much as they can


I agree with that, whats messed up about it is, a lot of newbie people will try to get in to the cryptocurrency game and they end up going to places like that bit miner and start miner website and once they've gotten scammed its over with they give up on cryptocurrency in general.


That's why we live and learn from one another on this platform , so we don't make the same mistakes that some people may have made

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It's always been scam


I know right people still feel for it. Look at my article on legit cloud mining services=