BitMex honest review (Sorry Sunny Decree)

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I have just registered on BitMex under Sunny Decree link. By the way I just like this man, I watched all his videos for the past year. He is truly my favorite!

We all know that the Crypto market is very volatile and highly manipulated at this stage. Therefore, I do not recommend leverage trades. You may be liquidated and the result of a losing trade if you did not close it is 0$...etc. In the other hand if you are holding a loss trade in crypto in an exchange or hardware wallet you are still having the value in future after the price increase. If you do believe in crypto you really could hold for a while!

Secondly, I have started trading in the forex market 10 years ago and I know what is shorting a position and how it feels when you get liquidated. After reviewing the platform it just reminded me of Forex trading. (ONLY FOR PRO PLEASE NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL!!).

After years of study I found news and Technical Analysis (TA) may not always effect markets. Markets 90% are irrational, so I am not convinced of Bitmex idea of wasting people money and time trying to trick them of quick profit.
People are marketing Bitmex with referrals such as this to earn from new people trading volume and commission. Do not sign with my link!

What is the solution ?
Easy and simple just buy and hold....Sell a portion of your crypto when the price is higher . You can make a simple Excel sheet to keep track of your trades. Start with little as 10$ then keep increasing by time....This will give you experience , money savings and not losing all your capital at once.

This is the way to success from years of study...Forget about all the TA and news. Personally I watch them for entertainment only. My last advice invest in a good quality project only!

Words true from my heart!

Thank you

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