Bitcoin CEO Dimon calls bitcoin fraud , ONLY after their patent claims were rejected. Dont burn yourself and HOLD. You can only loose when you sell.

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Hi fellow steemians ,


The cryptoworld is "crashing" now.


This happens after the China ban/ read path to regulation for taxing .

And JP morgan ( the bank with and endless list of settlements because of fraud ) CEO James Dimon , calls bitcoin a fraud.

Hold or buy if you are a believer like me.

Banksters feels the ground slipping away under them.

The elite don't know what to do anymore.

They even bring North Korea into giving bitcoin a bad name! Just as they did before with criminals use bitcoin.

All come from mainstream media!

So don't worry ! (My personal advice , do your own research ) Just buckle up and hold!



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great! keep your great work

this is a great time to buy some

Yes indeed, buy them now! Resteemd! Spread the word! 👊🏻

It is a bit silly that people would panic over China banning Bitcoin. I mean one of the whole points of cryptocurrency is to avoid government and central bank control. You can't really ban Bitcoin.

Thank for pointing that out, yes Dimon believes that Blockchain is viable but not Bitcoin. What he is overlooking is that making a law is not that same thing as enforcing it, you can't enforce a law if you can't hold it in your possession. Here is the article to the patent from JP Morgan.

Also this was his personal opinion, not an official statement.