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Blockstream Launches Bitcoin Satellite

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Blockstream, the company funding the development for much of bitcoin core and bitcoin in general has announced today a massive step for securing the bitcoin network and making transactions a reality, anywhere in the world. They now have a satellite that is running the bitcoin blockchain and at the moment covering around 2/3 of the world. They have plans on expanding that coverage to the rest of the world in the very short term.

One of the biggest arguments for people using bitcoin has always been , “what if the internet goes down?”. While there have always been roundabout ways to still access your coins and trade them in such a scenario, having a satellite run the blockchain makes it extremely easy. Now, no matter where you are in the world, whether you have internet access or not, you can still access the bitcoin blockchain and transact with people using bitcoin.

Even if your government shuts down your connection to the internet entirely, you will still be able to move funds in a censorship resistant way. The satellite is just a small reason why bitcoin has some of the best developers in the world. The bitcoin developers are thinking about fringe use cases and still trying to get access to as many people as possible. A satellite broadcasting the bitcoin network helps only solidify the future of the network for all taking part.

It is estimated that around four billion people have no access to the internet, yet a sizable chunk of those people have access to sms phones. With the current infrastructure it is possible to create a seed wallet and transact on any mobile phone, now on other devices as well without ever having to connect to the internet. This also might help security for those who never actually want to go onto the internet and risk exposure of identity or location.

With the addition of the bitcoin satellite, there is nothing that governments can do to stop the spread and use of the currency as a store of value and a medium of exchange. Even if they came to your door and took you away, there is no certainty that they would be able to access any of your coins. When countries kill the internet connection or stop peer to peer, they still will not be able to take away your financial freedom with bitcoin. It really is an amazing reality we are living in and many of us who have been around for a while are impressed more and more every day to see what is happening in this space.

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thanks for posting
Yes, this could be the first of many great things to come, with p2p internet

wow... will for sure have to do some more digging into this. who knows when I would have heard of this if it wasnt for here!!
So cool!!


Announcement just came yesterday!

Wow it's a huge progress to the cryptocurrency! Step forward to the currency trade liberty! Already resteem the post!👍

Wow!!! Blockstream has done a great job to have install satellite to encourage more user of bitcoin. This is a great future for bitcoin user. Thanks for this post. I will resteem this for my friends/followers to read. Good research work


I agree, really doing a good job on development.

Great post. I saved this article to my bookmarks. Finally, I can win the argument when people ask me “what if the internet goes down?” and simply say two words:
Bitcoin satellite!!! :D


exactly! I think many of us were waiting for this moment.

thanks for sharing
Good post,,@calaber24p

This will bring crypto to the masses, It's so genius it's evil!

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Now this is very interesting indeed, what a great step in the right direction!
Life is good :-)

@calaber24p Thank you very much
Very nice explanation, by reading this atikel until now I have understood much about the security of the Bitcoin

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Do you have any sources of the satellite launches ? I'm curious how many are up there in Orbit and functional ???

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Good post, i like

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thanks diggerdugg!