Closest Guess on the Price of Bitcoin Exactly 7 Days from Now Wins 0.001BTC! (You must upvote/follow)

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Time for Another Free Bitcoin Giveaway! 

Much like last time simply follow @bwells on Steem and upvote the post to get a guess.  Leave your prediction in the comments and we will make the cut off time for guessing exactly 6 days after the post.  This time,  if you resteem the post you can guess 2 seperate prices. 

Whoever is the closest will win the free Bitcoin and there is no disqualification for guessing over what the actual price ends up being. 

Make Sure to Follow all of the Rules to win the coin! 

Last time I had this competition there were 2 people who would have won if they would have followed all of the rules,  but they either didn't follow me on Steem or they didn't upvote the post.  Don't leave yourself hanging! 

Here is the last competition I held which includes the requested payout address in the comments from the winner.  You can see the payout in the blockchain.

Thanks for reading and participating in the challenge!  Make sure to upvote and comment your guess.  A resteem will give you another guess and there will be many more similar challenges/competitions coming soon from @bwells

I will also have many more ICO/altcoin price predictions coming very soon! 

In the meantime relish this Bitcoin price and make sure to take advantage of the very cheap altcoins which have function/utility for the future which seem to be  abundant at the moment.

To the moon,


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It will be $5,836

My guess: $5678.90



Good luck @gem777. Thanks for participating.


Congrats @gem777. You have won the challenge with the closest guess and you were only $1.65 off the actual price of $6208.35! Please leave me your bitcoin address and I will send over a 0.001BTC asap!


Thank you so much, never get this lucky. Maybe my luck is changing. Here is my address.


No problem @gem777

Thanks for participating/following and make sure to check in frequently for more contests and giveaways.

I will also be posting a couple of opinion pieces on good alt-coin/ICO investments so stay tuned and active on the channel!

The payout is in the blockchain now too by the way.

Two plus two is four minus 1 that's 3 quick maffs

GREAT POST , upvote and follow
i go with, BTC= 4,800 $
good luck to all


Good luck to you as well and thanks for participating!

My guess will be $5788


i have followed,upvoted and resteemed so
1 btc=6400$


Thanks for your participation. Good luck!

I was studying your stuff right now. Just a good time to be a successful favorite page , follow up , It is nice to follow you. @bwells :)

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You can't get coin unless you win the best guess and you can't guess unless you have followed and upvoted. Do that and we might put that address to good use @mrperfectjb!

Fine post
1btc = 6150$


1btc = 6500$


Thanks and good luck!

It might go upto $6500.


Make sure to follow and upvote and then comment back with an exact number unless you want $6500.00 to be your guess. Closest person gets 0.001 BTC @skrillex777

Perfect , follow up , I am sure very good sharing. I'm starting to read it now.How long have you been wondering how long you keep writing?


I have only been on Steem for about a month but I have been blogging and making websites for about 8 years now.


Make sure to guess next week's price to possibly win a free 0.001BTC!



Thanks for the guess @holihop, but you have to upvote and follow to win so make sure you do that so you don't get left out of the 0.001BTC if you end up with the closest guess.


Danke, upgevotet und folge ;-)


hab abgevotet und folge ;-)

1 BTC = $5589


Good luck!

My prediction

1 BTC = $ 6,643 USD


Good luck @alhasan!


It's going to saucer before it cups.

This is cool! :)

1btc = $6,350


You are cool for participating @angelicagarcia. Thank you! Make sure to follow me as well to be entered. Last time someone won but they didn't follow me and I had to go to the next closest guess. Also, resteeming allows you 2 guesses if you are interested :) Thanks again and good luck!


Yeah, sure! :)

Upvoted, Followed @bwells and Resteemed.
Guess One : BTC = $6138
Guess Two: BTC= $6255


Thanks for participating and good luck @iwanttruth!

i have followed, my rediction
1 btc=6250$

good jobb. Upvoted!

please check my last post and upvote it if you have 2min, I think you will find value in it. Cheers:)

$6,659 is my random guess.


Good luck @strayenglishman. Make sure to follow me and upvote as well in case you win :)

Hy great Post! I will go with between 4700$-4800$. Good luck guys.



oaw i get a great site

1 BTC = $5,624

1 BTC = $5,624

1 btc = 6050$


My best guess for Oct 29(?) $5789.79 and # 2 guess $6133.22
Happy to follow you .. Sometimes it doesn't show mu upvote

1 btc: 5,826.83 $



Thanks for the guess. Make sure you follow me as well so you get the coin if you win :)

Resteeming also gains another guess.

Appreciate it.

  1. 5430

Upvoted!! Great post matey, thanx for the chance!

I guess 6523.45

I guess 6523.45

1 BTC = $5,945

Upvoted and resteemed :)
6540$ or 6890$


Thanks for that @kjg, but your guess for winning the 0.001BTC needs to be exact. Even down to the penny if desired, but whoever has the closest guess wins free Bitcoin so that is why it needs to be exact.


updated :) since upvoted and resteemed I guess I have 2 opt ;) I put down my prices as well


Awesome. Thanks and good luck!


hey bro r u on fb?


Yeah but I don't really use it often.

I'll go with $6050

I say $6,125


nice giveaway!!


Thanks and good luck!

I say $6,125

Nice post. Upvoted, followed and resteemed.
Guess 1: BTC = 6085.25$
Guess 2: BTC = 5547.4$

I think: $ 5887

I say $6,125

I have tiered for searching free bitcoin
It's impossible for get much bitcoin

$5.761 now :)

It will be $5800

my guess it will be at $5,975.65

Oh well, I may as well say it for the conspiracy theorist in me, and add to the Satoshi mystic, I predict the next price of bitcoin will of course be $6,666. Lol.

I upvote and follow you just for giving me an opportunity make this comment.

Bitcoin will be: $5865


My guess $5832. cheers

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Keep it up!
All the best!

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$5948 maybe? to late?


I will have to double check the time of your comment.

If you were too late this time, make sure to give me a follow because there will be MANY more giveaways/bitcoin and crypto news coming soon!

$5590 ... Good luck everyone!

3800$...will you follow me too? Thanks, goodlck:)

Resteemed and Upvoted and Followed

Thanks for share it how to free earn bitcoin i love it

ohhh sh#t , i am late lol..


Yeah but there will be another post in a couple of hours and many more to come in the future as well so give me a follow and stay tuned!

Is this still available. My guess will be 5830 USD


Not this time but if you followed me you will see many more competitions/giveaways for bitcoin/steem/other crypto in the future!

My guest is 1.) 1btc = $5959
2.) = $6059

It will be 5750