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No, the course isn't $499, thats absurd. We'll get back to this though.

So, I'm reading this book today and I started just to really think hard about life. Life in general and how things work, why they do and what the purpose even is. This is all coming from no where, but I realized that crypto is a life changer.

Let me inform you on how I got involved with crypto:

My buddy from high school and I are now roommates in university and over summer we shared an apartment. For the first week of June, I went out every night. Bars, girls, drinks, rinse, repeat. It was wild. Never really looked back. But, my buddy NEVER came out. He'd always make something up like "nah man too much homework" or "too tired". Take a guess what that bastard was really doing.

Fapping? Sleeping? Netflix?

Probably all the above, but most importantly he was trading crypto. ALL NIGHT. I mean I'd come home and talk to him and there he was on his computer, but he really never told me what he was doing. It was like a game for him, a hidden secret. Eventually though, he finally told me. The conversation went a little something like this:

Him: "Hey, you know what Bitcoin is?"
Me: "Illegal money, no?"
Him: "Dude, just look it up."

That's all the help I got. I was left reading garbage biased articles from cointelegraph and coindesk. Thinking that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin on August 1st. But that was the best thing that's ever happened to me.

I began to delve so deep into this whole crypto thing, trying out kraken and learning how to trade on youtube with some "technical analysis gurus". I actually credit The Chart Guys for teaching me quite a bit about TA and trends. Higher highs & higher lows, ooot and aboot (yeah they have a Canadian accent).

Then I discovered altcoins, leverage trading, and a few liquidations later I became so enthralled in crypto that my life changed drastically. I stopped going out, doing homework, talking to people. All I did was trade, research, learn. I bought Technical Analysis for Dummies, pictured below, and traded 24/7. My sleep schedule was totally off and I was a walking zombie. A motivated and semi-wealthy zombie though, at least in terms of internet money. It became my life.

I quickly started to read more and developed a desire for money similar to vampires thirst for blood. Meditation for hours, 6am mornings and manifestations. And now that I could day trade and make profits everyday, that became my go-to. I started to trade the stock market and realized all markets are the same, crypto is just the best.

Months passed, crypto was booming and I was euphoric. Its been a hell of a first 9 months.

But what's next?

After grinding for this far, I've had some amazing opportunities appear for me. First, I've created my own blockchain-based social media application launching this fall. I've joined a masternode hedge fund company as lead researcher/ crypto guru. I've established a name for myself in the Blockchain Club here at school and have made some nice money with crypto.

I'm not stopping though. I'm not nearly finished. Here's what I'll have going on next for you guys:

  • Videos daily(continued) with a deep in depth analysis of the crypto or TA strategy covered
  • Signals in steemit of coins I'm bullish on
  • Interviews with other crypto traders/ Q&A
  • Self-help/ motivational articles

Get ready, because my Steemit page is about to get legit & you're going to be the one benefitting from it. Enjoy.

Yours truly,


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