From Zero to Hero Blog - SUMMARY #1: AN INSPIRING CRYPTO LOVE STORY: How I turned my pocket money into $500,000 within half a year doing legitimate trading and much more.

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Hello dear Steemit community!


First of all, before even starting this post, I'd like to explain myself. From what I can recall (it was half a year ago when I started this blog), I posted an astonishing number of three posts even since the blog started. Not to mention about having given it an obliging title: 'Trading cryptocurrencies blog, cryptocurrency daily news'. What I have to say for myself is that pretty soon have I come to a realization that there is no point in posting about cryprocurrency news hence there are a lot of more knowledgeable guys out there who would do it sooner anyway. Waste of time and energy. At the same time, the first part states for an actual trading. When I wrote it, I actually meant it. I started trading without sparing a single moment for blogging on Steemit instead, which makes it about half a year by now. Here is where my 'half a year confession' starts. Wish you a good reading!

#1 - Can trading cryptocurrencies change YOUR life or it's just Roger Ver's thing?

Well, to be honest, I had no clue before. I had no clue about anything before I started. I didn't even know what I was doing investing my first $1000, but what I knew at that time was that I wanted to be a part of it SO BAD. That was another reason why I did not post at all - I would never dare to give any kind of investment advice to anyone being a newbie myself. It was all about the principals. I made a plan soon after. I signed up for a few international investments groups (most of them are worth shit even though paid for - I did not know about that at that time), so I did with signal groups (pump and dump crap waiting for suckers perfectly orchestrated by people pretending to know their what they are doing), and thanks god, I started my journey with TradingView (no branding nor cheap advertisement here). All of these started working combined with an effort I put in a learning process, without which I would have lost everything I guess (I am sure actually). It took some time and a few nosebleeds, though.



Trading time: 6 months approximately (starting from August 2017);

Net profit: $480,000-$500,000

Number of trades conducted: around +/-300 over past 6 months (there were a plenty of them that I finally gave up hence I considered them to be too risky, the time frame for most of the trades was between 1-4 weeks, HODLing my major positions at the same time, the results do not include day trading AT ALL, as I believe I am not knowledgeable and skilled enough to do it, at least for the time being);

IMPORTANT NOTE: I haven't taken part in a single pump and dump scheme, nor a Ponzi (maybe I was just not lucky enough to have taken part in any BITCONNECT kinda thing). I haven't taken part in any ICOs either.

I made more than 100% on Stellar Lummens a few months ago, against the odds considering recommendations from investment groups that I have been a part of for a few months, which is the only pump/dump worth mentioning. I did not trade any minor altcoins in that period.
The rest was a proper chart reading and simply keeping up with the news.

#2 - Don't be a crybaby, that is why I am NOT planning on quitting my job in the nearest future.


I decided to include this vital point here, as I have been asked numerous times by my frieds when I am going to quit my job finally and go all in trading. I hope the statement below will resolve some doubts.
After having been trading for aforemenioned period of six months, I could see literally tones of mistakes that I made, mostly including psychological management issues.
There were many trading decisions that I made over past few months, consequences of which I was not fully aware of when making and it is alarming from my today's point of view.
Sticking to my 80 hours a week working routine may sound kind of miserable and depressing. It surely is.
At the same time, I believe it is how money is made and without this kind of discipline it's virtually impossible to make any kind of huge profits on this market, as you will not have sufficient capital to enter the market with otherwise.
Another huge factor is a fact, that I do not really want to be 100% dependent on stocks. I got my ass kicked big times during the recent recession. This was a heart-breaking feeling, and I can only imagine how I would have felt knowing that I had had nothing else to rely on. It was already tough to an extent that it almost affected me in a way of making a few, bad personal decisions.
My present skills also do not allow me to trade on really slow and bearish markets - I'd rather stay away from stocks for particular periods of time instead of getting involved in bad trading environment that is just waiting for fish like me to get onboard.

3# - 80hrs+ working week - do I even have life?


Well, I guess it depends how you define it.
As long as leisure time is considered, I do not have life. At the same time, I believe it's all about setting the right goals in life and reaching them one by one and this is how I would define it.
Things also changed a little bit recently.

Say hello to LeXuan, who I was lucky to meet on one of my several business trips to China back in 2017.
Surprisingly and funnily enough, it was the whole 'Steemit' idea that basically kept us talking with each other for nearly every single day ever since.
Soon after we went for a holiday together and it turned out to be a game changer for both of us. Truly a love story.
Right now we have been working on a few cryptocurrency backed-up projects together, so my priorities for upcoming 2018 will change in favour of spending more time with her, instad of going balistic on stocks and sleeping hectic 3 hours daily. As they say, there are things that money can't buy.

#4 - My Personal Goals for 2018


In 2018 my major goal is to replace my daily job with day-trading which I know nearly nothing about, at least for now. There are plenty of reasons for me to do that. One might say that it's a risky game to play, but I am a player and some things will never change. I do believe that trading is a legitimate skill that one can benefit for the whole life from, as long as properly executed. I might talk about it in the next post.

I hope you will keep your fingers crossed and hopefully join me in my upcoming Steemit daily trading adventure, as these are things I am planning to focus on pretty soon and hopefully I will find some time to write about it more frequently. Cheers to all Steemit community!

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Hello @btcsurefire That's an encouraging story to see yet another person making a living with crypto. I'm in the USA so there is a lot of regulation of crypto but its still a good opportunity. I did some trading to but of regular stock and made a few bucks. The thrill and anxiety are insane. Thanks for the support of my comments :)
Looking forward to more inspiring posts. Cheers!

Hello @bluefoxy !
Nowadays, since crypto markets are widely accessible to nearly anyone (with a few exceptions, as you have just mentioned), it is not a rocket science to make an extra penny anymore.
As long as you know what you are doing, having in mind that most of the investors on this market are simply dumb and naive kids, it's not really as hard as trading indexes and regular stocks.
I would like to genuinely encourage you to take a closer look at cryptocurrencies market. Feel free to ask me if you happen to have any questions.
PS. Thank you very much for supporting my girlfriend on Steemit! It means a lot to both of us!

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes, its really amazing how everything is in a app. I used Robinhood for trading. I tried Acorns but you really need a lot of capital to get a return 4-9% for acorns. With Robinhood I got 20% . I looked up each company online and looked at financial reports quickly. I don't know much about crypto. I guess a key would be looking for registered securities to avoid pump and dumps. Your welcome for supporting her. The destination photos are nice!

Hehe, say hello to you from me too!!! ❤️

Cheers Maya! Thanks for the comment! ;-) I have just said hello to myself, made me feel better ;-)

Truly inspiring story @btcsurefire. You are a hero to me and always will be even before crypto. You have been a mentor and a great friend. Looking forward to your progress and posts on day trading.

Well, I don't know what to say. Thank you very much for your comment and you have no clue how deeply I appreciate that. Your comment is the one among few that I value the most. I believe we both learnt things from each other, and let's keep it that way. Forever united!

I always follow your post everything is good if any time visit my blog @mamaathiyya

Thanks for the comment, but I highly doubt you do.

Well done! I tried my hand a t a bit of trading but i'm finding it easier to just hodl what coins i have now. . . . takes a lot of time and watching to be on the ball trading !

HODLing is the definitely the best strategy for those not into the game itself.

F... me. Congratulations, man. I'm proud of you and now I understand better what you meant when you told me "Take it easy, I know what I am doing" when I expressed my concerns over your well-being.

While it's a well-deserved result of hard work and dedication, I hope that my book had played at least a minimal role in putting you on this track and won't be forgotten when you multiply your fortune!

Good luck. I keep my fingers crossed for you!

Your book has definitely played the major role and I will always remember that. That was you who has nearly 'literally' brought us here. Shall not be forgotten. If not your book and your valuable insight, I would have stayed in Poland, wearing my fancy suit, rocking in my 1998 Honda Civic making $1200 a month. That's the reality and that's what most of my friends (self-proclaimed businessmen) do. Cheers!

I'm glad you see it that way. But let's also remember I've put a process in motion, but all the hard work, especially recently was all yours. Keep it up!