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in #bitcoin5 years ago is excited to announce it is now accepting new coin listings submissions at

Coin listings are an exciting development and continues to build and work towards re-coding its entire platform and exchange. While users may have noticed incremental improvements to the existing platform, progress continues to be made on a the website re-code. Listing your coin today with the platform still under development is still a steal for your coin holders as today's coin listings include:


Btcpop has proven a valuable asset for 100+ proof of stake coins, as Btcpop has become “The Staking Exchange” automatically staking POS coins in a pool and distributing rewards. And, to increase adoption of your coin all POS listings include a free faucet which has proven to be a great way to on-board new users to your cryptocurrency and increase adoption.


Future Improvements

Btcpop is dedicated to building out its services to best meet the needs of its users. Btcpop has a dedicated roadmap of feature to add and keeps an open mind to new tools and features that might not have even been thought of yet.



Sample improved exchange UI

  • Improved user interface and Performance
  • API integration (could be listed as a trading pair on coinmarketcap)
  • Open Website design (can see exchange without logging in)



  • Shared Masternodes
  • Tradeable masternode shares
  • Coin Block Explorer


Submit your Coin Today!

So get ahead of the crowd and list your coin today at a lower price. Btcpop currently accepts Bitcoin and Monero Coin types. In the near future Btcpop will accept ETH and ERC20 tokens.

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