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Week 2 update of returns from investing in Bitcoin Casinos and I am up a lot for the week. And although the BetKing tokens have not been released yet (likely to happen next week) the tokens look to be locked into a fiat value meaning the drop in Bitcoin price this week might have a positive impact and I may be up a lot on a Bitcoin basis (my best guess is over 35% or 3.5 Bitcoins from what I bought in at). I should know by next week when they get distributed but for now I have not added it to the table.

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BitDice ICO update:

BitDice ICO is in the final day of raising capital and is sitting at over the target of $10 Million that it was looking to raise. The tokens will be released in about 7 days.

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Curious how you managed to find out that BetKing tokens have locked into a fiat value:)

Good question - I spoke with the founder Dean on chat on the site. Plus you can see the price per token on the site now :)

Wow that's nice! You are back to track! Congratz friend! Hope BetKing will make you more profitable too!


Yeah it was a big week!

Btc casino sounds really great! I would like to invest in it:))

Worth having a look at!

Wow, you sure are going hardcore right now.
10 BTC each, good luck :)
I'll probably follow up with 1 btc total when i get home xD

Good luck to you too!

seems some increase;) do you know any betting coins,icos? where i can actually bet money already not just to have coins.

Not sure that I understand what you are asking?

im asking about crypto where i can bet my btc or their token, not just some theoretical boomakers , but where is function to bet money

There is heaps of sites man - check out all of them on BetKing you can bet already too -

You can definitely take hope your table.

Congratulations @btcmillionaire
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Exciting updates about weekly investment summary. Excellent performances as well.

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amigo #resteemia at your service

made a profit in this week as predicted. impressive work @btcmillionaire

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that's pretty good news ,and best of luck though

ahahh i told you that you will be up soon and see you are :D great going

bitcoin can be expected to be higher. So the other coins can rise. hope the wait.
100% like and resteem

thank you for information, i would like to try to play in casino games. cheers!